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Looking for full-stack React / Laravel developer for ongoing work

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  1.  1 day 200 ₴
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    Explain a little bit more about the work and payment process. it's a big team?

  2.  1 day 1000 ₴
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    I am interested in working with you, as I want to work as an independent developer. I prefer to have a long-term partnership. I have 6+ years of experience. I hope you are still interested in working with me.

    I am ready to start now and look forward to your reply.
    Thanks in advance.


  3.  1 day 600 ₴

    I didn't understand, what specific task is there now? I work with the entire specified stack. We will discuss the cost and terms. Link to the portfolio:

  4. proposal concealed by freelancer
  1.  1 day 1000 ₴

    Добрый день работаю с ларавел более 3х лет может вас заинтересует мои услуги можем поработать вместе

  2.  1 day 200 ₴
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    Could you tell more about the work process? How do I get paid?

  3.  1 day 200 ₴

    Hello dear Sergey. I am a web developer with two years of experience, but I started working on this platform recently and want to get good feedback, so the quality of the project and your satisfaction will be a priority for me. I will be glad to cooperate with you. We can discuss the details in a format convenient for you.