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Lottery filters C#

project expired

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    Hello, I can do this project, but I need keep on touch with you.
    My telegram - @SilentFiled
    Gmail - [email protected]

  • если б не языковой барьер можно было б взятся, но слишком много технических определений и слишком много надо уточнять, увы

  • Anton Kravtsov
    26 December 2018 |

    Please, use spell checker when posting in a non-native language.

    This site also supports text formatting, which would make your text look better.

    And I wonder why you need a program in C#? Same calculations can be performed in Excel...

  • alex liss
    30 December 2018 |

    Dear Felipe!

    There are not math, standart or non-standart, methods for good solving of your problems ...

    Every forecasting result will LOTTERY too ...

    Even/odd, cool/hot, some weels by mod, fractals, walelets, groups, etc...

    More 20 years experience in lotteries ... (((((

  • alex liss
    30 December 2018 |

    10 criteria = N of all comb/2^10 variants of your lottery

    It works in 1/2^10 cases

    This is a too big number of combinations and too expensive without profit ... (((

  • alex liss
    30 December 2018 |

    Possible your task may be solved with quantum processors but nobody knows like do it

  • alex liss
    30 December 2018 |

    Ребята, это - бред

  • alex liss
    30 December 2018 |

    ... из бразилии где много диких обезьян ))))