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Написание статей на английском под США

project expired

I am looking for a creative writer for a long term cooperation who can write a comprehensive, fact checked, convincing, engaging, unique content for my affiliate site. More than 30 product reviews are needed. This task is a trial one. If you can produce an amazing, engaging content, I will give you to write all of the needed reviews. 

There are 2 types of articles:

 - [Product name] Review

- The best [Product name] 

Each review needs to be detailed as possible citing data from the publicly available sources and user reviews. Product features, aesthetics, colors, warranties, weight, size, comfort, enjoyment - any (or the most) relevant spec or feature should be considered and captured in your writing.

I'm counting on you to use common sense to put yourself in the shoes of a consumer and ask yourself, "If I was buying this, what would I look for and what would be most important?" In fact, real people are using this content for making decisions and our main goal is to help them.

Writers with affiliate writing experience are more preferable. More details about writing requirements are in the attached document.

I pay a fixed price of 25$ / 1k words. 

3 requirements for me to consider you:

1. Send a brief 50-60 words introduction on the topic "Best position for sleeping"  so I can identify your style of writing. Use APP method for writing an intro (read about it here - , number 11 in the list)

2. Send me a link to your portfolio (or .pdf, .doc files) with the previous affiliate content writings (reviews).

3. How many words per day/week would you want to write?

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  2. proposal concealed by freelancer
  3. 1 dayconcealed
    Julie Rhiles

    The project is very interesting.
    Answering to #3, I can write about 2000 words a day.
    I'll message you now, answering #1 and #2.

    Ukraine Kyiv | 21 June 2017 |
  1. 7 daysconcealed
    Victoria Litvinova
     442   25   0

    High-quality writing skills as well as passion for writing. I had worked on multiple projects, with an eye for detail. I am well organized and efficient, with good communication skills and awareness of deadlines.
    Contact me for your requirements.

    Ukraine Ukraine | 14 June 2017 |
  2. 1 dayconcealed
    Таша Блюман
     656   16   1

    Examples of work:
    I can write up to 2k words per day/10k per week.

    Ukraine Kyiv | 14 June 2017 |
  3. 1 dayconcealed
    наталія бучко

    Hi! Do you real know about the best position for me for sleeping? As for me at first it must be comfortable bed with right mattress. What the best position for sleeping after hard day? The most optimal pose for me is lie on my back. Then I wake up in good mood and I’m ready to turn the world upside.

    2000-3000 per day or 10 000-12 000 per week

    Ukraine Lvov | 15 June 2017 |
  4. 1 dayconcealed
    Анна Карпенко
     191   1   0

    Hello! Interested in offer!
    Healthy sleep is the key to good and productive day, it is a truism - known to all. To get the proper rest, it is necessary to combine not a few factors such as: correct posture во время сна , matched mattress and pillow, fresh air in bedrooms....
    Сan write up to 2-3k words per day.

    Ukraine Kharkiv | 15 June 2017 |
  5. 5 daysconcealed
    Александра Брускова
     431   15   1

    Sleep is the best part of the day, we spend half of our lives laying down, so it’s would be better to sent that time in a comfortable position, under a warm blanket and ready to be productive after good sleep. In order to be so, your back and muscles need to be relaxed on good bedding.

    My name is Alexandra, and you can see my portfolio in the link below:
    Best wishes

    Poland Gdansk | 15 June 2017 |
  6. 3 daysconcealed
    Tania Bilichenko

    Hey Alex. A short essay follows:

    Work hard, sleep even harder. Why?

    Fast and furious the modern society is, and so are we. Everyone needs to survive, right? But that battle leaves us exhausted at times.

    At the end of the day, no matter what I do right before bed, I know that cuddling under my lovely beige blanket will make me happier. Science says, sleeping on my left side will also keep me healthy. I mean, for real.

    Definitely going to try out tonight!

    - - -

    My previous works are all in Russian, not sure if such samples would help.

    I can spend whole day/week writing, it depends on what the task deadline and reward are.

    Timelines are to be revised based on the task details.


    Ukraine Kharkiv | 24 June 2017 |
  1. proposal withdrawn

Alex S
Germany Germany
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14 June 2017