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2 000 $

I need to build app in Android and IOS

project expired

This App should control tasks for events and people who should do them.

This app should be related to 3 topics: Event, Friends and Tasks.

Friends - People whose phone number is in my Contact list or received by facebook connect.

People who are in my contacts but have not registered to this app, could be asked to send them request by sms/whatsupp to download this app.

Events - events could be received from Facebook account or Gmail account, or could be added privately. Each of events, should have Date, Time, Location,Owner,Title.

Tasks - each owner of event can add tasks, or tasks can be suggested by push notification to owner. Each user can take control of task fully or partly. If Task is controlled fully, nobody else can take control of it.

By pressing on event, you can see all tasks of this event.

Database - The database should be stored on a server with Rest api for future adding of more devices.


This app should be looks like whatsapp - swappable lists with top-right droppable menu.

Please let me know price for such project for Android and IOS.

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  1. 9 days150 000 ₽
    Антон Городецкий
    280     2  0

    Готовы выполнить. Скайп edelstarmlm

    Russia Russia | 30 September 2015 |
  2. 30 days5 000 $
    Iurii O.
    674   verified    8  0

    e-mail: [email protected]

    Ukraine Ukraine | 30 September 2015 |
  3. 23 days234 $
    Borys Sanin
    371     1  0

    Это очень серьезный проект. Без тз тут ничего не оценить. Готов ли сервер + апи? Готов ли дизайн?

    высылайте детали - [email protected]

    Ukraine Lvov | 30 September 2015 |
  4. 29 days2 000 $
    Анна Бровченко

    Good afternoon .
    I am working at the company that have been already 5 years specialized in the developing and creating web sites for clients all over the world.
    We are ready to discuss yuor progect and begin to work.

    [email protected]
    skype very_happy_girl3

    Ukraine Ukraine | 30 September 2015 |
  5. 30 days40 $
    Алексей Романько

    Do you have detail documentation, is server API already exists? I am iOS - developer. We have a team for server, design, iOS. My skype - lexinua.

    Ukraine Lvov | 30 September 2015 |
  6. 60 days4 000 $
    Gleb Kravchenko
    2277   verified    10  0

    Hi, I can help you create your application. Do you have specifications or mockups?

    Ukraine Kharkiv | 30 September 2015 |
  7. 10 days1 500 $
    Павло Серватович
    261     5  0

    С радостью сделаем)

    Ukraine Kyiv | 30 September 2015 |
  8. 1 day144 $
    Bvblogic Bvblogic

    Игорь, здравствуйте!
    Меня зовут, Оксана, представляю
    Можем разработать Вам такое моб.приложение на Android и IOS, для этого имеем опытную команду моб.разработчиков, которые разрабатывали разной сложности проекты, к примеру некоторые: iOS (аналогичны на андроиде)
    Есть у Вас ТЗ или подробное описание, чтобы мы детально оценили работу?
    Интересно Вам сотрудничество с нами, обсудим все детали в скайпе?
    e-mail: [email protected]
    skype: bvblogic_o.kandiuk

    Ukraine Ivano-Frankovsk | 30 September 2015 |
  9.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  10. 30 days2 000 $
    Богдан Бориславський
    340   verified    3  0

    Hello my name is Bogdan Boryslavskyi.
    Have experience:
    - 6 years in C/C++/C#/ development. IDE: MS Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, Qt, Eclipse. Technology and frameworks: MFC, CLR, COM, Open GL, Open CV, Direct X, Android NDK
    - 3 years in Android (Java, C#) development. IDE: Android Studio, Eclipse, Xamarin Studio. Technology: Android SDK, Android NDK, Material Design
    - 3 years in Web development. Programing languages and technology: PHP, ASP.Net, MySQL. SQL Server, JavaScript, Html, CSS
    - I also have experience with: Objective-C/C++, Swift, XCode, Windows Phone SDK
    Before that worked at the company “Lemberg Soft-Service, Lviv”, Lviv, Ukraine, [ for " Data-AL", Neu-Ulm, Germany ].

    Have small team
    Ready to cooperate.

    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: bodya_404
    Phone: +380931388301

    Ukraine Lvov | 30 September 2015 |
  11. 40 days2 500 $
    Артем Виноградов

    Can discuss android

    Ukraine Kyiv | 1 October 2015 |
  12. 60 days2 000 $
    Евгения Посметьева
    296     2  0

    Such project will be over budget. We are ready to discuss it.

    Best regards
    e-mail: [email protected]

    Ukraine Kyiv | 1 October 2015 |
  13. 40 days5 200 $
    Lyubomyr Ruchenchyn

    Меня зовут, Таня, представляю ІТ-компанию .
    Мы на рынке с 2007 года. Занимаемся разработкой сайтов и приложений под Android/IOS.
    Можем разработать Вам мобильное приложение с использованием перечисленных технологиях/языках, есть опытная команда для разработки мобильных приложений (Java, Object-C, c # (Xamarin), Java Script (PhoneGap)).

    Указала примерную цену ведь относительно перечисленных требований нет четко сформированного задачи, идеи окончательного решения.

    Обращайтесь, проконсультируем и поможем разработать техническое задание:
    скайп tania.netls
    email [email protected]
    Cel. +38 093 31 05 980
    Tel. +38 034 27 52 660
    С уважением, Таня.

    Ukraine Ivano-Frankovsk | 6 October 2015 |
  1. 25 days1 000 $
    Илья К.
    243   verified  


    My name is Ilya, I'm a web-, UI/UX-designer. More than 2 years I do web design and last year UI/UX-design. And I am seeking opportunities to create gorgeous interfaces and web-sites.

    This project is very interesting for me and main idea of app is pretty good! I had experience in designing of Android and & iOS applications, but now I focused on Material Design from Google. My girlfriend (and my colleague) is a iOS-designer. Also I have a good friend who is a Android-developer.

    I think we can do the good job together!
    My last works:
    1. — My ATM is an andoid app, that help people to find nearest ATM with geolocation help. It was creating using Google's Material Design Guidelines.
    2. — Serveez was created to help customers seeking to find deals and good services with the best possible service providers in the market, from plumbers and electricians to cleaners and removals, company is determined to make sure that all of their customers find the service and value they deserve.
    3. — Serveez is a company that aiming to be a hub for customers looking for local services, currently we are focusing on removal companies, cleaning and scaffolding. My mission was creating responsive design of site.

    My web-site:
    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: ilya_kulbachny
    Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram: +380638324731

    Ukraine Kyiv | 30 September 2015 |