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  1.  20 days 55 000 ₽
    7238    102  1   4

    Здравствуйте, я работаю в сфере веб програмирования более трех лет, и сотрудничал с разными компаниями и клиентами. Я могу осуществить ваш проект и реолизовать ваши идеи касающиеся веб програмирования. Работая со мной вы получите высококачественный код и новотехнологическую систему с современными стандартами и обработкой.

    Почему выбрать меня?
    1. Работаю без предоплаты
    2. Бесплатная помощь по сайту после выполнения заказа
    3. Выполню заказ в максимально короткие сроки

    Part 1 25000 р
    Part 2 10000 р
    Part 3 20 000 р

  2.  30 days 30 000 ₴
    564    2  0

    Опыт разработки CRM, ERP более 20 лет , автоматизация птицефабрик , строительных компаний, водоканалов, станций техобслуживания автомобилей ...
    Делали подобные системы.
    Имеем бодьшой опыт разработки и сопровождения WEB- систем управления сетью магазинов ( ) и корпоративных сайтов ( ,управления предприятиями
    Опыт поддержки и разработки web-систем более 10 лет в том числе интернет -магазинов. В основном самописные PERL,PHP, CGI, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuey, HTML, CSS, MySQL .
    Готовы поработать с Вами.
    skype: su_sever

  3.  30 days 45 000 ₴

    The real order, showing real data, and it's description are required for more correct estimation of your project. Analysis of this documents will allow to perform the technical task for your project, including project plan, terms, budget etc. My contact email is [email protected]

  4.  1 day 100 ₴
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    About Your project: It looks so interesting and simple, but it has a lot work to do. It will looks great on tablets and phones (all resolutions, which You wants). Responsive user interface. Informative admin(for master and consultant. can be devided by status, and hide some tables for consultant) panel. Evrething will be step by step, and will store all time data information that require (start / end / other time information when user filling forms or do something else)

    About me: Doing EVERYTHING that employer require in time. In my opinion code of programmer - face of him. This is the reason why im doing project`s structure as easy as it can be possible to functionale read, understand. I dont know Ruby, but can do everything that You need, as with common php and with libraries (even if i dont know something that you require - ready to learn it and doing this really fast). 16/7 online. If im not sleaping - im online). Und ich kann Deutsch auf A1 niveau.

    I have no reviews on this platform, but have a lot of on another like (not advertising).
    Ready for test task !
    Ready for work hard !
    Ready for remote and local work !

    About deadlines: as soon as it possible) if honestly ~3-5 weeks.

    About price: now its a bit hard to tell about it, because project no small.

  5.  30 days 32 000 ₴
    318    4  0

    Hi Synergeto GmbH.
    I've read your presentation. I like the project's idea. I want to work on this one. I do like such type of projects and know how to delivered them. I can give to you the recomendations from my EU clients (Germany, Netherland) by relative projects.

    Because of experience I can say that by the presentation's description no one can estimate correctly time and costs or it takes much more then planed.

    There are so many details and general points that must be defined precisely: dev options, design, interface, security, support, maybe even GPDR and of course all list of functionallity. Step by step we have to write down the final result, maybe to draw templates discuss details. It will save a lot of time and money for all and garante the project welldone.
    I propose: on zero stage make the project requirements detailed document (Technical assignment) and after that you will get accurate estimate from anybody. I set the amount of the budget of the zero stage. It is fluent price. We can discuss it on agreement stage.

    Little more.
    I'm interested in this project. I like the idea. Let's start conversation by skype or e-mail and discuss all information and goals about the project. I can share my vision about implementation, cost and terms based on previous experience. I'll write you in private message my skype contact.

    Update#1: I can't send you direct messagee (it's forbiden, don't know why). Please, contact me.