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Разработка коннектора между системой управления заказами и Magento 2

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Описание проекта на английском языке:

There is an OMS - order management system for internet shop. It has a desktop application and you can download it here: OMS Software Download:

The tasks, performed by OMS, are:

  • Processing of orders
  • Managing inventory (import/export of suppliers, import/export of customers, import/export of products).
  • Managing coupons and discounts (Setting and cancelling discounts to particular product)

The detailed list of tasks, performed by OMS is presented here:

The shop itself is located here:


OMS should exchange data with the internet shop. For instance, if some product was bought, the number of remained products should be reduced by 1 either in the internet shop or in OMS.

And vice versa: if we changed the amount of products in OMS, this quantity should be transmitted to internet shop.

Thus the exchange of data between OMS and internet shop is bi-directional.

In order to make the connection between OMS and Magento 2 the special connector must be developed. This connector serves as a bridge between OMS and internet shop.

Here is the link, describing how this connector may be used in Magento:


This connector is already developed for Magento 1. The source code is located in archives, attached to the Email.

Potentially we could import this working script to Magento 2, but Magento 2 doesn't support any third-party source code. That's why this code should be recomposed as an extension.

That's why the task for implementation is:

To create the module for Magento 2, which had to use the source code of files, attached below. This module should provide the connector between Magento 2 and OMS in bi-directional order. 

Let me know whether you have any questions.

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