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Реализация групп и контактов (только front-end)

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On the group wall admin can:

  •  delete posts
  •  comments

On the group wall members can:

  • add comments
  • like posts

Usual post on wall contains:

  • author name with avatar
  • photo
  • description
  • like
  • comment

Shared listing on the wall contains:

  • author name with avatar
  • description
  • preview of listing page photo
  • heading
  • 100 symbols of listing description




Any registered user can be invited to be a member of the group.

Any registered user can  refuse/accept the invitation to the group.

Any registered user can  join/leave the group.

Any registered user who has  a tariff plan can create a group. The user who has created the group is an admin of the group.

To create a group user need fill in:

  • Name your group* (input field)
  • Add some people* ( search. at least 2 users)
  • Select privacyPublic Group
  • Closed Group
  • Secret



Only user with admin rights  can:

  • send invitation to join the group to registered user within the site (by search) and not registered users by e-mail.
  • accept/refuse requests to join the group.
  • delete/block members of the group.
  • add/delete post news on/from the wall.
  • change names of group members within the group.
  • add/remove admin rights to members of group.
  • change group settings.


Group settings:

  • group typeclosed
  • public

Hide group from search.Make group private (to join the group you need send a request, and after requerst was accepted user become a member of the group)Make group open (anyone can join the group)Add a new admin.Change admin. Give rights to members of group within the group.Change logoChange cover image.Change name.Change group description.Change group e-mail.Change location of the group.Show or hide list of members of the group.Send invitation to join the group registered and not registered users


  • Give moderator rights
  • Give admin rights
  • Block user

Must be able to manage groups, add members, give admin rights for others to add members. Send invite to users or non users of site to join group


A group can have several admins. 

A group must have a name attached, avatar, cover image, list of members and their rights within the group, wall (for posting listings) with text comments system. 

Group names and emails must be searchable within the groups pages. Even when though a "Private Listing (PVL)" is shared with a group only the listing owner has the right to remove or reshare the listing unless it's made public than all can reshare. 

Members of the group can comment listings on the wall, become members (join) the groups, leave groups, become an admin (if an admin gave them

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    Иван Дремин

    С радостью готов взять вашу работу.

    Russia Kursk | 3 June 2017 |
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  • Hello, It's real price and your pre-estimate?

  • Екатерина Волошина — project author
    Complain | 3 June 2017 |

    Какова ваша оценка задания?

  • Точно больше 100 часов, от $2400.  Для оценки информацыи недостаточно. Для начала надо одно из:

    - User Story

    - Пропотип

    - Мокап

    - Дизайн

    - Аналог

    - Скайп митинг

    Надайте хоть одно из 6 пунктов

  • Екатерина Волошина — project author
    Complain | 4 June 2017 |

    Дизайн, верстка готовы, бек-энд часть делает другой человек. Нужно только реализовать логику на фронт-энде по ТЗ которое описано в задаче. Группы это часть сервиса, а не самостоятельное решение.

  • Екатерина Волошина — project author
    Complain | 4 June 2017 |

    И реализовать логику нужно на react+ redux

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Project published
2 June 2017