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  • Добрый день! какая тематика?

  • Марина Власова — project author
    Complain | 13 November 2015 |

    Добрый день. Вот пример текста:

    Platelet activation can be due to either the biochemical reactions of the coagulation cascade or because of rheological factors such as shear stress. If a platelet undergoes shear stresses of a threshold value for a long enough time, it can activate even in the absence of the coagulation cascade. Another method of platelet activation is by direct contact with the injury site. Even in a quiescent state, platelets have receptors on the membrane surface which can attach directly to collagen located in the vessel wall, which may become exposed to the bloodstream during injury. If the platelet is close enough to the collagen for a sufficient amount of time, bonds will form between the platelet receptors and ligands on the wall. These are often the first platelets to become active during the coagulation process.

  • Марина Власова — project author
    Complain | 13 November 2015 |

    Карина, написала в личку!

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13 November 2015
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