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  1.  1 day 2 000 ₴
    770    10  1

    Hello. I got acquainted with the task and ready to perform. I have extensive experience working with sites on Wordpress

  1.  7 days 10 000 ₴

    Добрый день.
    Специализируюсь на Тильде, могу сделать сайт без особых проблем.
    Сделаю все под ключ, начиная с дизайна заканчивая полным запуском
    сайты под ключ
    адаптивный дизайн
    Этапы работы:
    1. ТЗ
    2. Анализ
    3. Прототипирование и дизайн
    4. Ваши правки
    5. Адаптация под мобильную версию
    6. Утверждение
    Преимущества работы со мной :
    1. Пунктуальность
    2. Чёткое выполнение требований клиента
    3. Постоянная обратная связь
    4. Соблюдение дедлайнов
    5. Знание английского языка
    мои работы

  2.  3 days 15 000 ₴

    Hi Elizabeth, ready to help with ur project. I have big experience with WP.

  3.  5 days 7 500 ₴
    351    18  0

    Hi Elizabeth is happy to meet you.
     I want to help you. After I finish pay me $ 300.

  4. 12944
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     14 days 18 000 ₽

    Dear recruiter,
    I am project manager at “Groot Soft” company. We have extensive experience in the IT market and creating websites is the most common task for us. Our specialists have a considerable amount of successful projects, which left our clients satisfied. For a better understanding of the task, we urge you to clarify the following points:

    1. What kind of audience is your project provided for?
    2. Will information filling be our task, or it will be done by your employees?
    3. Will your platform require authorization for users? Do you think adding user levels?
    4. Do you plan adding geolocation systems? Which payment methods do you want to integrate into your source?
    5. Could you describe us the design of your platform? Do you have a logo our preferable colours we need to follow?
    6. Will there be multilingualism? If so, will the language be chosen depending on the geolocation, or will the choice be made directly by the user? Which is the main language?
    7. How many pages does your site have?
    8. What load will the platform be designed for?
    9. Do you need an adaptive version of your source?
    10. Do you have your technical assignment formed? If you do, could you provide us with it?

    Below I will leave examples of our work for review:

    I propose to discuss the details of cooperation in PM, or any messenger convenient for you.

    We look forward to collaborating !