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3963 ₴

Social Media Manager ( Part-time/ Project Work) | Marketing Assistant

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  1.  1 day 11 111 ₴

    High-quality Link Building, Technical SEO audits, Comprehensive Niche Analysis, Keyword plans and Promotional campaigns.

    Over the last 4+ years I've improved rankings and reputation of a wide range of websites, projects are now in my portfolio.
    Focused on achieving business results.

    Apart from that, my areas of interest include websites analyzing, providing competitors research and as a result allocation of opportunities for further enhancements.

    - SEO (on-page and off-page optimizations)
    - Competitor Analysis,
    - Search engine reputation management,
    - Business development
    - Team management,
    - Content marketing strategy and planning,
    - Keyword Research,
    - Website Audit (technical, content and link audits),
    - Link building, and much more.

    I know all steps of successful website promotion and quality is the first priority I focus upon.

  2.  30 days 3500 ₴
    2923    19  0   1

    Я тот, кто Вам нужен
    Готов взяться за продвижение Вашего аккаунта. Уверен сотрудничество со мной будет плодотворным и прибыльным. Как я продвигаю страницы:
    1. Сначала я определяю цели , провожу анализ рекламного аккаунта
    2. Делаю анализ целевой аудитории и анализ контента.
    3. Прорабатываю контент-план на месяц, создаю стиль аккаунта, делаю фото/картинки, пишу текста
    4. Настраиваю массфоловинг, масслайкинг, подбираем теги, запускаю таргетированную рекламу.
    5. Запускаю таргетированную рекламу и охватываю максимальное количество целевой аудитории.
    6. Анализирую проделанную работу, собираю статистику, подвожу итог

  3.  7 days 4000 ₴
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    Good afternoon,Daria.My main degree is English and Turkish languages translator.Currently,I'm working in a sales environment on a US market,therefore,lead creation and attraction experience will be useful for me and you as well.English CV of mine may be sent in a file attached through personal messages.

  4.  7 days 3963 ₴

    Hi, i'm a proficient level English speaker, tech-savvy (have experience working with Photoshop, etc.) , and basically spend most of my free time on social media anyway (not to mention i ran a fairly successful serbian auto blog .
    I think i am the right man for this job because i fit in your target demographic (young adult) and i know how young people think and what they want.

  1.  1 day 15 000 ₽

    Добрый день! Меня зовут Елена.

    Я являюсь Instagram-менеджером. Занимаюсь упаковкой бренда (создание фирменного стиля и позиционирования) и настройкой таргетированной рекламы. Уровень английского между Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate.

    Заинтересована в сотрудничестве! Цена договорная.

  • It's my subjective opinion, but your price is too low for such volume of work and skills

  • Дария Долгополая — project author
    6 March 2019 |

    It`s a part-time remote job. Ideal for students. The main knowledge required: great level of English and being familiar with social media 

  • Дарья Аа
    6 March 2019 |

    Students nowadays know where and how to make good money, especially students who know English 🙂