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Target FB specialist

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    1 day100 ₴

    Добрый день
    ГОТОВ взяться за ваш проект
    Настраиваю таргетированую рекламу на вашу целевую аудиторию
    Запуск, проработка креативов, улучшение сайта
    Пишите в личные ообщения , цена договорная
    опыт работы более двух лет

    E-mail: [email protected]

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    Greetings, Anton

    I'm interested in work with you and would be awesome if we can discuss everything throws private chat

    I have a quite big experience working with Facebook ads in different niches around the world, so I think we can be useful for each other

    I've been working for almost 2 years in Digital Marketing agency as a SMM specialist and recently started my carrier as a freelancer. I have an understanding of USA / EU marketing differences and I can work with it.

    You can check a small part of my cases in the portfolio -, also I can show you my other projects and results that I've been working with and still working. So, I'm waiting for your response!

    Best Regards, Valerii

  4. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    14 days8 000 ₴

    🔥I know everything about Instagram and Facebook🔥

    ☀️ Good afternoon, I’ve been doing SMM and advertising for several years now, I know almost everything about it! How to find a client, how to pack your product / page, how to set up advertising and how to sell! 💥

    📋There is experience in a huge number of niches: Swimming training, cosmetics, covers, gift boxes, clothes / sneakers, gyms, beauty salons, online schools, children's entertainment rooms, pop music performer, travel agencies, trending goods , visas, info business, etc.

    ⚠️My specialization is to bring solvent customers into your business through Instagram and Facebook. And also create selling creatives (banners / animations / texts / videos).

    📋I also provide services:
    📍 Creating landing pages for advertising.
    📍Setting up and maintaining targeted advertising on Instagram / Facebook
    📍Making accounts FROM ZERO with subsequent launch and maintenance.
    📍 Providing a content manager (the one who will lead the page for you with a content plan and writing sales posts)
    📍☝️If you do not need this, I will conduct a personal audit of the conduct (what to upload, how, what time, what to write in the description, etc.)
    📍 Together with you, we will display your posts in TOP9 by GEO and #.
    📍Analysis of competitors, the selection of the latest chips for your niche, which they do not use.

    ⛔️ I treat each project with a soul and strictly individually, therefore, with requests, such as: “Do it, the result will come, and then we will pay”, right by.
    ⛔️ I'm not a self-taught student who for 5k per month will win you 5-10-20k subscribers and put masfol, and then say that you couldn’t bring real customers.

    ⚠️BUT if you are the one who is ready to download $$$ yourself and make competitors bite your elbows, feel free to contact me!