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10 000 ₽

Translate a website landing page from English to Spanish

project expired

We have a set of website pages that we need translated. 

Language: from English to Spanish

Content: about auto accidents / personal injury law

Target audience: spanish-speaking consumers in USA shopping for personal injury legal help

Word count: approximately 600 words

Items to translate: body content, dropdown selections, titles, validation text, disclaimers

About you

I'm looking for a native Spanish speaker who understands the nuances of the language. I know enough Spanish to see that some text does not translate well when put into the online automatic translators. 

  1. 3 days10 000 ₽
    Алишер Мухамедкаримов
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    May i look at the text? Just wanna take a try to see my opportunities.

    Kazakhstan Almaty (Alma-Ata) | 20 June at 07:26 |
  2. 3 days10 000 ₽
    Viorel Tiple
     1083  verified   8  0

    Professional translator with native level of Castilian Spanish.

    Ukraine Uzhgorod | 20 June at 08:01 |
  3. 10 days10 000 ₴
    Владислав Коротяев
     4094  verified   140  0   2

    Hi, I have native Spanish speaker with excellent English skills in my command. We can translate your task. 110р за 1000 знаков с пробелами исходного текста is $7 per 250 words

    Ukraine Odessa | 20 June at 09:00 |
  4. 1 day10 000 ₽
    Алиса Белозёрова
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    С вами общается : Hr manager Алиса
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    Ukraine Odessa | 20 June at 09:29 |
  5. 1 day5 000 ₴
    Maria Radchenko
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    ¡Buenos días, Frank!
    Me llamo Maria, estudie español en la escuela.
    Tambien mi abuelo enseñó en una universidad en Nicaragua durante tres años, y puede ayudar con la corrección.

    I'll be glad to help you with this translation, as I have free time today.
    My English level is Advanced.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Ukraine Kyiv | 20 June at 11:14 |