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Video Editor

  1. 210  
    2 days650 ₽

    I'm ready to cut a good moment out of the game so that its creators can download it.

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    2 days500 ₴

    Hi! I am ready to fulfill your order. I had experience working with similar projects

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    1 day9 999 ₴

    App Promo плейлист:
    плейлист роликов:
    плейлист лого:
    презентации плейлист:
    Demo плейлист:
    ТV плейлист
    остальное здесь(по категориям):
    обращайтесь . обсудим

  4. proposal concealed by freelancer
  5. 213  
    1 day1 270 ₽

    Good evening. Video editing in your movies is simple. I haven't faced with this type of video editing, but I believe I can make it easily.
    This is my portfolio:
    Hope for cooperation.

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    1 day4 000 ₴

    Hello. I’m professional videographer skilled in motion design videos and video editing.
    Please take a look at

    Ready to make a great videos for you. Please reply.

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    1 day6 666 ₴

    Hello. Look at my showrill. Just a minute. It will become clear that I am able to work with the frame, I feel the music and dynamics. Ready to make your video fast and very high quality.
    also edit some shows for YouTube
    one more

    I can send more examples, if necessary - just write.
    Thanks !

  8. proposal concealed by freelancer
  9. 273  
    5 days3 000 ₴

    Здравствуйте! Интересно ваше предложение !
    Задание сделаю быстро и качественно.
    С радостью готов сотрудничать с вами.
    Дополнительные примеры отправлю в личные сообщения.
    Пишите в л.с. для обсуждения подробностей.

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    1 day2 000 ₽

    Hello Insta Channel Trailer Preview

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    1 day200 ₴

    Hi, I am cameramen and video editor

    This is my showreel

    And other examples

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    1 day1 000 ₽

    Здравствуйте, опыт работы более 7 лет, создаю в основном динамичные рекламные видеоролики для различных компаний.
    Есть опыт в создании контента для социальных сетей (Facebook, Instagram и Youtube), музыкальных промо роликов, рекламы, влогов.

    Моё портфолио:

    Несколько работ:

    При создании контента упираюсь в основном на последние тренды, так что качественность вашего ролика гарантирую.
    Буду рад ответить на Ваши вопросы.
    Пишите в любое время суток!

  13. 197  
    2 days1 000 ₽

    So I am ready to do that .I work with AAE and Adobe Premier pro.
    Good quality with quickly work

  14. 136  
    1 day500 ₴

    Professional video editor, more than 5 years of experience. Good knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effect, Photoshop. Always keep deadlines.
    Let's discuss details!

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    2 days1 000 ₽

    Hello! My name is Alex and I am working as a video editor for 3 years. I love doing creative and dynamic videos and ads! Will be very glad to work with you long term.

    I will be very glad if you respond to my offer :)

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    1 day500 ₴

    it’s easy, I’m ready to cooperate on a long-term basis.
    I work in the advertising field, I rent and mount a lot.
    Here are my works:

  17. 107  
    1 day500 ₴

    I'll be glad to work with you )
    I can do a test video and start working today.

    My works:

  1. proposal withdrawn