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1. 3 размера изображений. Нужно чтоб при загрузке изображение сохранялось в 3-х размерах. (thumbnail, medium, оригинал) ну и выводилось соответсвенно

2. Мультиселект Headlines and Sportheadlines -

3. CKEditor - WYSIWYG HTML  в редактировании или создании article

4. When we creat an article : there are a team how publish article , and each one with his "username" . The "username" do not apepar above the article . but this is the "Author" name . when Migrating the database it should also import those 2 tables

5. each article has its own : user poster + author + comments + image + title + body+ category + tags


7. Вот на это надо ответить, так как я не видел бд. BTW , what make the database to become 4GB with Drupal . Normally it should decerase the size as it has only text . The images are hosted as files system and not on the mysql . Why it multipled the size ...? Just Im affraid of causinf us alot of high loads when making it live on our server . Our main idea from this Migration was optimising and reducing the load of the mysql ... so noticing that it has 4GB , it make as worry a bit .Which table of the database is larger ?? which size it has ? Just some questions to make sure about the best optimisation for the database

8. при попытке сохранить артикл после редактирования



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