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Wedding photo editing

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    3 days2000 ₴

    Hi. I can help you) you can give me 10 photos, I ‘ll do it and you can see if we can work together. Thnx.

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    5 days2100 ₴

    Hello Sir, I can do it in Photoshop. If you would like to I am ready to work. Thanks!

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    3 days2100 ₴

    Hello, Lauren. I can help you. I am from Ivano-Frankivs`k. My portfolio:

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    2 days2500 ₴

    Hi Lauren! I have been shooting and editing for more than 20 years. I process photos in Lightroom, Capture One, or Photoshop. If processing means work with color, brightness, light, t I am ready to undertake work

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    3 days2000 ₴

    I would like to cooperate with you.
    Certified specialist with specialized education.
    I am ready to read the material and discuss the implementation of the project.

    Check out my portfolio. Drop me a line, I'll send you a photo in a private message. Freelancehunt

  • Оксана Олексейчук
    30 August at 17:28 |


    You can add a few photos as an example - before/after, than retoucher can understand if they can/want to do that work 

  • Lauren Kent
    30 August at 17:35 |

    No need to add a complaint you could just send me a private message and I’ll tell you the reason why that’s not possible 

  • Оксана Олексейчук
    30 August at 17:53 |

    I didn't complain, just wrote here a message

    It's a field for conversation 

    I meant if people can see how many work in retouching you're waiting for the proposed price, they can understand if it will okay to take your order

    It will just economy of time for both sides instead new chats with questions

  • Lauren Kent
    30 August at 17:55 |

    I wrote that it is a wedding edit not retouching.

  • Оксана Олексейчук
    30 August at 17:57 |

    Every person can understand in that absolutely different tasks 

    People should understand what exactly do you mean