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Write a romantic proposal letter using Cybersecurity terms

project expired

I am looking for someone who has knowledge and experience in the cybersecurity field/data science.
I would like to write a romantic proposal letter to my partner. He is in the cybersecurity field, so I know he will love it. Somewhere in the letter, I want it to read" will you marry me", but written in a code only he would understand.

I'd be happy to give any info to you on what the letter should say, but I wanted some terminology in it.

Please help. I need it done ASAP

  1. proposal concealed by freelancer
  2.  1 day 505 ₴
    Olesya Strashevskaya
    115     1  0

    Добрый день!)
    Сделаю сегодня за 200 гривен.
    Уровень языка- С1.
    Буду рада сотрудничать!)

    Russia Astrahan | 28 February at 10:21 |
  3.  1 day 505 ₴
    Светлана Алейник

    Hello! I can write today, I need 3 hours to finish. Write me in private messages

    Ukraine Krivoi Rog | 28 February at 12:38 |
  4. proposal concealed by freelancer
  • Yuriy Horobey
    27 February at 16:12 |

    |_|_|1|| y0u [email protected]  nne

    Looks like top secure. Mossad sucks. CIA sucks. Russians.. wel.. MI6 sucks.
    Hire me for the jub! He will marry you at once!

  • Yuriy Horobey
    27 February at 16:13 |

    FBI just reported. Suckkkking teribly

  • Nataliya Nohach — project author
    27 February at 16:46 |

    sounds interesting. why not to try and to write your sample? 

  • Nataliya Nohach — project author
    27 February at 16:50 |

    чувство юмора у Вас точно есть). Может попробуем написать? )