Automatic download of CommerceML new
5000 UAH

According to this pattern, you need to implement in configuration 1C (type accounting), 1.1, Ordinary forms - automatic uploading with each data change. The loading module is…

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The press of Olga. new
5000 UAH

The program controls new ads, suitable for search criteria, on private ads sites.The program should track the appearance of new ads that meet the search criteria on the website When a new ad appears, the program must send a notification to the telegram/Wiber SMS “new…

Update the order status in Bitrix from 1C new

Good day Our online store has long processed orders in the admin site Bitrix. There the status changed, the goods were added / removed, the comments were written, the data were prescribed for delivery and payment. Now we want to move all the work to 1C. But now you need to…

1CWeb programming ∙ 2 proposals
Implementation of CMS Bitrix new

Hello. CMS Bitrix / We work through gitlab We replace "favorites" with "showcase" in the navigation panel: a quick order for bouquets by geolocation. Process The user selects an address, ready-made bouquets with fast delivery are displayed for him. After choosing a bouquet, the…

External component 1c new

you need to develop an external component for 1c by native api technology, which could be from transmitting the line masses arbitrarily - as convenient to implement - through the masses, the silk of values or through the line with divisors or any other way to your choice. And in…

1CC and C++ ∙ 2 proposals
Scheme for the accounting of the composition and primary documentation. new

The charity fund requires consultation on the selection of the program for the accounting composition and the initial documentation of the type 1c. Requirements are standard for programs in this direction. The stock of stock; The primary documentation. The program (systems) is…

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Synchronization of the SKU code of goods UT 11.3 and Difference 2.2 new

It is necessary to finalize the synchronization, add to the exchange plan the sending and receiving of the SKU code of goods in one direction from UT 11.3 to Retail 2.2 Software release details: Platform: 1C:Enterprise 8.3 ( Release UT: 11 ( Retail…

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1C BAF ( for small company PROF ( Implementations new

Good day ! There is 1C BAF ( for small company. Prof ( of Needed to: 1 . When pressing the button from the input plug, Print the thermoblogs and values, the nomenclature is built by the alphabet, and it is necessary in the same order as in the input plug.…

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Exchange of orders with the website format in the CommerceML format. new
1200 UAH

1 . Exchange of orders with the website format CommerceML. 2nd Site based on WebSite. You need to enter the Exchange Protocol of Orders to put also the price type: Purchasing and when exchanging orders to transfer it to the side 1c in the download file

1CWeb programming
1c of the cup. Installation of the accounting system for the store network new

The server is installed. 1C CUP - you need to set up under the work of the store (callion theme), a network of 6 stores, 4 islands and 1 warehouse. set up Basic settings warehouses, shops, enterprises Place of Cassie The loyalty system The counterparts Integration with the…

1CProject management ∙ 13 proposals
Transfer of enterprise 1C from 7.0 to 1C 8.3 new

Transfer of 1C from 7.0 to 1C 8.3: A box, with the possibility of remote operation and discharge into the cloud. Integration 1c with prom, outlet, Epicenter, and company website. Automatic billing based on an order on the company's website and marketplays. Automatic input of…

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9 / 15 What Does the Bible Really Teach? new
1000 UAH

Good morning. We need to exchange nomenclatures, surpluses, prices, a self-sustaining order. What does it take and how much is it worth? The developer on the side of the site is ready and ready to implement the necessary functionality.

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