Create 25-30 lists for selling clothes on Poshmark new
200 UAH

Looking for a Helper My name is Katya, I’m a reseller from New York, I sell clothes on the American platform Poshmark. I need help to make a description for the lists. I will send a photo, it will need to indicate Brand, name, description, condition, size, measurements and…

Advertising ∙ 3 proposals
Writing and publication of the sale of manifestations on the OLH. new

Writing and publication of the sale of manifestations on the OLH. Theme - Construction Services Experience with this niche Use of software for publications The expected volume of 300-500 manifestations Do you describe your experience with this site? Examples of your text sales…

CopywritingAdvertising ∙ 6 proposals
Writing 3 Advertising Texts for Instagram Advertising new
250 UAH

Hello to everyone! It needs to be short, not much to be written. Shortly write 3 advertising texts for 3 products in the Ukrainian language. The goal is to interest the target audience to buy this product through advertising on Instagram. Products for Beekeeping: For…

CopywritingAdvertising ∙ 11 proposals
You need to create a page for a person in Wikipedia. new
400 UAH

A businessman, a mesenate, a family business. There are publications and references about it. Recommendation of receipt of family company awards(s) etc. You will probably need to create a family page (family company) in 3 languages template of entrepreneur Link to an already…

CopywritingAdvertising ∙ 2 proposals
Posting publications on vacancies in certain gups on Facebook. new
6000 UAH

My name is Sergey, I live in Israel, I have an employment agency I'm looking for a person who will post posts on jobs in certain gups on Facebook. I will provide the text of the publications with vacancies, and I will also show which groups. You need to post 5…

Advertising ∙ 20 proposals
Copywriter for writing advertising texts website OLH selling texts new
300 UAH

Descriptions for the products of the site of the OLH (Sadoway) for the diversity of short texts with the ability to create sales texts. There is no maximum or minimum that you have to do. Workload depends entirely on you and your capabilities. - Your main ability is to write…

CopywritingAdvertising ∙ 32 proposals
Publication of Advertisements on Avito new

It is necessary to publish advertisements about the company’s services on the Avito and similar advertising sites (local telephone number we provide). Payment for each advertisement published.

Advertising ∙ 3 proposals
Publication of Advertisements on Places in Kazakhstan new

It is necessary to publish advertisements about the services of the company on the advertising sites of Kazakhstan (the local telephone number is provided). Payment for each advertisement published.

Advertising ∙ 4 proposals
Complete the Prom Card new
1000 UAH

You need to create cards of goods on the medium, fill in information, add a photo. Payment for filled cards, the limit of 1000 cards, ready to take for filling all cards.

Content managementAdvertising ∙ 4 proposals
Posting for LinkedIn new

Good day . I'm looking for a person who will write 2 posts a Sunday for LinkedIn and choose for these posts visualization. Post themes are hiring, developing, team management, and so on.

CopywritingAdvertising ∙ 12 proposals
Completing the online store with goods new
5000 UAH

You need to fill the online store with the goods that the suppliers look at. Write the example cost of filling one card of the goods (sites of the suppliers will be discounted at the time of shipping). You need to fill with a speed of about 1000 goods per week. If you don’t…

Content managementAdvertising ∙ 48 proposals