Video animation for video installation new

You need to make such videos. HTTPS:// The Timer The music Change of character The stops Do it regularly.

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 38 proposals
by Schoolless new
10 000 UAH

An animation is needed to explain the idea of the project for a kickstarter. How much I understand this is called a mouse design Examples of style: HTTPS://

Animation ∙ 7 proposals
Video for Facebook and Instagram Advertising new

Welcome to! Work for the Ukrainians. We are looking for creative executives. You need a video for 12-15 s, with a course advertising. 1 . We have references:…

Animation ∙ 19 proposals
Video game for the game new
12 000 UAH

Good afternoon, It is necessary to create a record for the game that will be a maximum length of 60 seconds (depending on the language). The video should be in such languages English Ukrainian German French Russian Video should look like this -…

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 16 proposals
Animated bottle of water new
1200 UAH

Good day You need to do the same as in the original video provided (model + animation) HTTPS://

Animation3D modeling ∙ 18 proposals
Adobe After Effects in English new
1500 UAH

Hello to you I need a video monter who knows how to install YouTube videos in the after effects program and knows English well. Here is an example of the video, and this style should be copied one into one. HTTPS:// The…

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 11 proposals
Create a video in a cartoon format - up to 3 minutes new

Create a thematic video with a specified story and place a finished text. Not longer than 3 minutes. It is in the MULT format.

Animation ∙ 14 proposals
Creating 2D Animation new

Creating 2D animation (with the application of my sound). Short videos, with a simple risk. Scenario and task. An example of a roll that you need to create an attachment. I am looking for long-term cooperation.

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 13 proposals
You need to paint and for the possibility to animate the 2D character - the rabbit new

I'm looking for someone who can paint and later on the opportunity to animate the protagonist for a short animated video. The character should look like a rabbit, wearing different clothes (e.g., a shirt). He must also be able to express emotions (imitating facial expressions)…

Illustrations and drawingsAnimation ∙ 19 proposals
Preparation of the Concept of Promotion + Scenario new

We are looking for an artist to create a promo-roll in 3D graphics, similar to I'm looking at the person who will make the script and who will make the video. It can be in one face, it can be separately.…

AnimationVideo advertising ∙ 9 proposals
You need a person who will create videos on the game Beamng Drive new

It is urgently required a person who will create content on the game Beamng Drive + Preview. You will have to make 1-2 videos a day. The price is contractual. You have to be familiar with this game. It is desirable to have examples of work. Examples of rolls you need to do:…

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 4 proposals
Video with animation for the commercial site "How to make an order" new
6000 UAH

Required video "How to make an order on our site" with animation and screenshots. The approximate scenario in the app (correction that improves the video is welcome). Video recording with the actor is planned to order separately (in the framework of this project will only…

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 8 proposals
2D coding animation rollers for YouTube in an average of 30 s. new
2000 UAH

Good day. I am looking for a 2D animator, not necessarily a professional one. But with knowledge of the basics of animation. To create a video for YouTube channel. The author will be required to animate frame by frame, humorous or surreal situations from the Apex Legends game,…

Animation ∙ 4 proposals
You need a person to create an animation for children (for the YouTube channel) new

Good day to all, The YouTube channel is scheduled to launch with songs for children of different ages. In this context, the need for a specialist, skilled and loving to create beautiful and good cartoons for children has emerged. Here are examples of video with this…

Animation ∙ 25 proposals
Video of Anti-Mation new

You need a video animator for the education project. The work will include both animation and fraudulent design. Example of animated video

AnimationAudio and video editing ∙ 29 proposals