Application programming

Working with the archive bin new

Write a program that will examine the archive in bin format to sections, and after editing the desired section, back to collect sections to the original bin archive. The program must operate under Windows 32/64. The bin archives have 4 packaging options, this is the so-called…

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[Fin] Google Spreadsheets adds two tables to one report new
2900 UAH

There are two pages in the Google Spreadsheets document, you need to reduce them into one report using Apps Script. The other option does not come because of the specificity of the report Here is a link to the document. Each customer must have the ability to develop data.…

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Mathematical Analysis in Infectious Diseases new
1000 UAH

Create a program based on the mathematical analysis of the calculation of the probability of human infection. and its use in order to prevent infectious diseases.

Machine learningApplication programming ∙ 5 proposals
Development of the browser new

Good time of day. You need to develop a proxy per tab browser. The main task of the proxy browser for each new folder. Proxy we naturally put our own. The browser is the insomniac browser.

Web programmingApplication programming ∙ 2 proposals
The simplest smart contract BEP-20 for ICO new
6000 UAH

The simplest smart contract BEP-20 for ICO ICOs will be held between their own (the company’s employees) so no vestings, cliffs and so on need.Everything according to the old.1 BUSD = 1 our token.Fixed price throughout the ICO The price does not depend on how many tokens have…

BlockchainApplication programming ∙ 6 proposals
Parser for the removal of phones and emails from Facebook Group new

I'm looking for a programmer who will be able to build a parser for Facebook groups and parse emails and phones from Facebook groups and pages or can just show me how to use this program or a similar with which I can solve this question…

Data parsingApplication programming ∙ 3 proposals
Thinkscript script for Thinkorswim new
3500 UAH

Screenshot for the trading platform thinkorswim The script must signal every time the price exceeds William’s Fractal. HTTPS:// We take in calculation only the last…

Application programmingBot development
Integration for CRM altegio and Kcell operator new

There is a personal office in the CRM system There is a personal office in the mobile operator Kcell. Manul by API attached They need to work in the same link as Yclients and Kcell. described here:…

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 1 proposal
Scripts of bookmaker office new
3000 UAH

Hi, you need to develop a simple functional bookmaker account on the 1chbets. All details in the face.

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 3 proposals
Parking of data. Smart and flexible solution new
9000 UAH

Good evening . I am looking for a specialist who will create a smart software solution. Data parsing and subsequent processing in Excel automatically (slip, more/mindre). Universal and “all-one” to the requirements of the TZ. I will send you on request. If the decision is…

Data parsingApplication programming ∙ 18 proposals
Implementation of OpenCart new
1000 UAH

Good day . Please make upgrades according to the TZ in the file. Version of OpenCart Quartz: re-work the ordering page, change the quick order, change several blocks, add the buttons, add a pagination

Web programmingApplication programming ∙ 13 proposals
Upgrade the basket module and add the WayForPay payment plugin for MODx new

The ModX Evo by Implementation in the simplest form is necessary to meet Google’s product card advertising requirements.

Web programmingApplication programming ∙ 2 proposals
The development of Bitrix 24. Automatic filling of documents. new

It is necessary to implement the automatic filling of contracts, accounts, acts on Bitrix 24. Please send the application with examples of similar works, with a price of 9 although approximate) and deadlines.

1CApplication programming ∙ 1 proposal
photo booth application new

Need to develop an application for a photo stand with a Canon camera (working with the Canon SDK) The application should take photos, apply filters on the photo. Photos must be inserted into pre-prepared templates (in PNG format) and printed. The server part will be provided and…

C and C++Application programming ∙ 4 proposals