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Implementation of PDF Reader new
10 000 UAH

Help is needed in the development of the application.(Link to the app ) List of things to work: 1 .AdMob Advertising Display Setup ( AdMob Advertising Frequency Setup, Banner Caching, Block Adding) 2ndFixed…

Apps for Android
Flutter Developer new
5000 UAH

The existing project requires a Flutter developer. You need to be immersed in the project and support it (processing, improving, removing bugs). You need a strong specialist, as the project has its own nuances. It can be combined with the main work or other projects as the…

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Creating an application for interactive interaction with a 3D model. new

Congratulations to friends! We are looking for a Unreal Engine Developer. What should be done: Writing an app on C++(UE) for a 3D model is a demo version, so that you can interact with it interactively and write controls for it. More detailed TZ, terms and payment we discuss…

C and C++Apps for Android ∙ 1 proposal
Simple apps in one action on Android (10 pieces) new

Create an easy application for Android in 1 action, 1 screen. If everything goes well, we will cooperate on a permanent basis. You will need a lot of such applications on a permanent basis.You only need the application file itself.

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Cross-platform development of mobile applications (ios, android) new

You need to create a mobile app under iOS, Android. The subject of the application of acquaintance and communication. There is the design of the application in the figme I will throw into the figure to assess the deadlines and costs.

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Mobile app on React Native with geolocation and tracking new

The goal of the project is to create a mobile application and any necessary infrastructure to help people find the nearest defibrillator in case of an emergency (you must also take into account the construction of the route both inside and outside). This application should also…

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Make a paid function in MOB. Applications new

There is a mobile app written on React Native, it has a function that needs to be paid. and publish it in the story. The cost will be discussed by writing in a personal message.

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Mobile application new
3400 UAH

Create an Internet radio application, ios & iroid support. A copy of the site, plus... 1. Authorisation (various profiles, paid and free of charge - advertising and without) 2. Notifications of new content. 3. Plater on the lock screen and in the notification area, under the…

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Create an app for IOS and Android on the plugin designers base new

You need to make a plugin for a closed men's club with limited access, based on plugin textures such as, Appy Pie, Airtable, ClickUp, AppSheet or others. I'm curious about the following function: - Plugin Design Configuration (disabled attachment of us by designer…

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Annex Android (Kotlin) new

Good afternoon, I have to write an app for Android on Kotlin. Design and UI kit in Figma is ready. We're gonna have to run a few main screens without connection to the back-up, and Damo's only version of the app, and put it in the market play. The code and the wool must be…

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Annex(s) for android. new

The task is to create an application(s) for an android. The facts will be a keyboard (figures) that will work to complement the existing mechanical blutus of the keyboard and mouse. Bluetooth international USB adapter

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React Native (outsourced) new

We need a strong React Native developer who will take over the development of iOS and Android applications. Responsibilities: - Development of new applications and support for existing mobile applications. Challenges: Develop iOS and Android application; To support it;…

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Annex for iOS and Android new

We need to create a little cross-platform app. The application is designed to work with Xevel Plugs, maintenance and basic monitoring devices. All details are specified in the attachment.

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Доработка приложения новостного сайта new

Наш новостной сайт По API было создано приложение, которое на текущий момент необходимо доделать, некоторые моменты исправить. Более подробно можно ознакомиться здесь. Дополнительно, хотелось бы получить оценку по внедрению следующих правок: Внедрение…

JavaApps for Android ∙ 3 proposals