Article writing

Write an article of 2000 characters for external placement new
200 UAH

Your article will be posted on the blog of another site and you need to put a link of a recommendation character, for example, "If you want to rest in the middle of the nature of the Carpathians in the forest in a wooden house, then we recommend you rent a house in Lake Vita."…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 43 proposals
Posts on the Instagram page new

You need text to post on the Instagram page. on a permanent basis. Real Estate and Retail Activities. Ready for cooperation. The text is not large, but it is dry. Live and interesting. I give themes and themes.

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 35 proposals
Writing selling unique SEO texts for the online store new
999 UAH

Writing sales, unique texts for the online store. About us Delivery Information Security Policy Conditions of Agreement Contact us Site Map Manufacturers Share 14 categories of goods 73 goods

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 52 proposals
Write a series of texts for a medical center new
800 UAH

It is necessary to write 10 texts under the keywords (hope). The test volume is 1500-2000 characters without breakdowns. Themes such as: CT, MRI, UHD, Family Doctor. Please indicate the price for 10 texts and what volume they will have.

Article writing ∙ 36 proposals
TN and RM new
200 UAH

You need to write a text about the company. The company is engaged in the purchase, sale and service of cars. The new company was founded in 2022. Text required in Czech language

Article writingText translation ∙ 3 proposals
I am looking for a copywriter to write articles on the site new

There is a site for which you need to regularly write articles on the subject of jurisdiction, preferably 1 article per week. There is also a semantic core in three languages. Executors with good knowledge of jurisdiction are welcome. The task: 1: Based on the needs, interests…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 12 proposals
Writing articles about earnings on Onlyfans new

Writing articles about earnings on Onlyfans through promotion in social networks Only freelancers who understand the topic well

Article writing ∙ 6 proposals
Write a motivation letter new
450 UAH

You need to write a motivation letter to enter the university. For detailed information, write. for an adequate cost!

Article writing ∙ 24 proposals
Copywriter for social networks is the Ukrainian language. new

Everyone is greeted! Social media requires a copywriter. The theme is the cover for the floor (linoleum, covers, etc.). The language is exclusively Ukrainian. It is necessary to have experience writing articles for this niche - short, it should be understood in coverings or…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 45 proposals
Writing the history of the company. of Stretching. new

Welcome to. It is necessary to write not a banal text about the company for a section on the site, but an exciting history of the company's formation, supported by real data. This story will be translated into other languages to tell foreign partners about the company in…

Article writingText editing and proofreading ∙ 20 proposals
Copywriter new
5000 UAH

I am looking for a copywriter on the outsource. The company is a factory for the production of frozen (shock frozen) food (first/second dishes, concentrates of beef drinks, hamburgers, sandwiches, semi-fabricates). The texts that the company publishes must be expert, easy to…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 29 proposals
Articles on Zootematics new

Articles on Zoo - nutrition, veterinary, care It is necessary to understand the topic, so that not to write stupidity.(Tell if there were examples of works performed on a similar topic (screenshots or links)).Requirements for text: Replacement is not paid, author content is…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 32 proposals
Writing of texts - reviews of medical preparations new

Required texts for reviews of medicinal products, TZ relatively simple: structure, keys, unique 90-95+ Texts will need more than 30st, for the beginning I send one and see how it will get to write, if everything is fine - we work further, pay 50 UAH for 1k sims with gap.

Article writing ∙ 36 proposals
Copywriter in the computer store new

It is necessary to write the descriptions of categories and products for the online store of computer-completing Tera Flops. 3000 Symbols In the future, work on writing articles on a technical topic is planned to promote the recognizability of the store. It is very desirable…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 57 proposals
Description of categories of goods in the online store new
2000 UAH

Good day ! The online store Need a person with copywriting skills and understanding of SEO. What to do: 1) to analyze low/mediate frequency requests of 26 categories of goods (I will also provide auditing site from CES) 2) to agree on the list of requests for…

CopywritingArticle writing ∙ 13 proposals