Illustrations for a comic (26 pages) new

Congratulations to all who have painting and graphics become a part of their life.This project is a modified version of the previously published project (the vector graph is replaced by a layout).The style is shown in the appendix.Essence of Question It is planned to release a…

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Painting of the linear in Ai new

Good day . At the moment, we are looking for an illustrator for a single project to perform 1 task,<unk> there will be similar tasks in the future (debated individually). The essence of the task is drawing line art, covering the contour of the collage with photographs. Needed…

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 34 proposals
Illustration/design for calendar new
1700 UAH

Need a designer who can implement a grapich idea into colorful page. I do have detailed idea and handritten sketch of calendar. Need to make it look beautiful and interesting. Also need to create unique paintings (small parts of calendar)

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 38 proposals
Caricaturist new
30 000 UAH

I am looking for a cartoonist for a contract work abroad at the festival. from January 2023. for 1 month. Visa, tickets, food and accommodation are provided.

Artwork ∙ 4 proposals
Creating/Drawing backgrounds for our NFT new

Hello to everyone! We are looking for a specialist who will be able to draw the backgrounds for our figures (the figures are ready, the background is needed) The tasks are such: Creating / drawing backgrounds for our nft. From simple (gradients), middle - patterns, etc., to…

Vector graphicsArtwork ∙ 18 proposals
High quality 2D paintings new
3000 UAH

Everyone needs quality 2d drawings, details will be discussed personally with the artist.We need creative, creative people who are interested in writing and working.✊

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 20 proposals
designer artists new
200 UAH

For long-term cooperation, a designer-artist is needed to draw on a tablet and work in the Cross Stitch Proffesional Platinum program.

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 6 proposals
Drawing a tattoo (reforming a sketch) new
2000 UAH

Good afternoon, dear freelancers. In the attached file tattoo on the body. This is a Maori tattoo. In their style, they make reference to the sun, fish, etc. I really like this tattoo, but I do not want any associations with this tribe. The task is to leave the tattoo shapes…

Artwork ∙ 13 proposals
Isometric portrait of two sketches new

There are 2 sketches. It is necessary to draw a portrait, preferably in a color, in isometric projection. Work for a professional artist who knows the anatomy of a man and feels the beauty of the female body. The format A4. Vertical position. High detail. After completion of the…

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 24 proposals
Drawing the pictures in the right style new
3000 UAH

You need to draw 10-12 pictures. I give an example picture and it needs to be rediscovered in the style of a fixed photo. So far I can list only 3 images that will be this: Carrier aircraft, man in business costume, date center. The rest of the pictures will be provided as I…

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 29 proposals