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I need a comprehensive development of a social network page for a blogger. new
10 000 UAH

I need a comprehensive development of pages in the social network for a blogger, It is according to the calendar to create content. 1) Creating based in carbohydrates me photo and video materials, creatives in the form of microwave effects of 10 to 20 seconds of duration. On…

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Sound designer / Sound designer to create sounds for the game. new
222 UAH

You need an experienced person who will be able to do the analysis of the current saunds in the game. The sounds that don’t fit will need to be replaced. Therefore, skills are required: Creating sounds for mobile games Creation of background music

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Knowledge/Mastering of Track new
1000 UAH

The help of a specialist is needed in the quality of the track, mastery. The genre is hip-hop and rnb. It’s only interesting to quality information, just a demo we can do ourselves. Work can be started immediately. Please indicate in your application a reference to your…

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Video in Polish. The Dictator. new

Good day . It was necessary to be able to professionally resume the video in the Polish language so that you could install a file with a different voice. Text is little. Text to the video. The video is in English: Please add examples of your sound…

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The sound of the roll in different languages new
800 UAH

It is necessary to sound the videos on: Slovak The Romanian Polish The French The English The male voice. The text is translated and ready for work. Everything I need. Price is being discussed. If you can close one or more languages write this in the application, I’ll…

Audio processingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 10 proposals
You need to be enthusiastic to speak the text in a written English language. new
300 UAH

We are looking for a person who will be able to sound the text in English. It is currently undergoing testing and possible long-term cooperation in the future. It requires good audio and good pronunciation in English. Certainly WOMEN'S VOICE (Sorry, men, we don't want to…

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Create an audio podcast from a video webinar new
700 UAH

Based on the webinar, you need to mount a podcast for 49 minutes. In essence, translate the speaker's story into the format of his own podcast. Important: The work requires not only technical (clean up unnecessary sounds, improve audio quality), but also editorial (for example,…

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The Multimedia new
3000 UAH

Looking for a Composer for Animated Movies The references: HTTPS:// HTTPS:// I am looking for a composer who will create music and arrangement. As a result, we will need a few tracks of about 30-60 seconds.…

MusicAudio processing ∙ 8 proposals
Sound of the mobile application new

You need to make a sound of a mobile toy. The sound of the buttons, levels, successful completion of the round / failure, etc. You also need background play music in two options - one for the menu, the second - for the game itself.

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Sound of videos new

A large amount of videos should be recorded. The original material in English, the length of the rolls from 3:00 to 9:00 min. We make a translation into Russian. What to do: 1) Download the subtitles for the video and translate them with Google Translator 2) Download video…

Audio and video editingAudio processing ∙ 25 proposals
Utilize Book (Spanish only), Assembly Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, 12700, boul. new
3300 UAH

You have to speak 490 pages of text. To produce a peaceful inflection without any additional theatrical or audio effects. An example of an inflection for sound is in a file attached to mp3. I want you to do it in Ukrainian. An example of your voice sends out the text in…

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