Banner for the YouTube Channel new
1000 UAH

Good Morning, Day or Evening! I want to form my YouTube channel and for this I just need a banner. Avatar I know what to put on. So what I need: a banner that will characterize my content. I will make music clips from various movies and games. You need something like that to…

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Create a banner photoshop master for current tasks (continuously) new

Currently, we are talking about creating a banner for a wide-format site on the main page 1920 * 550. The banner is advertising. To cooperate, we choose a master photoshop. Current tasks often arise for the manufacture of cards, banner, images, fixes in the firm style, etc. In…

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Banners new

HTTPS:// You need banners all the details in Google Docs. Please indicate the time and cost of the work.

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Make me a banner for the YouTube channel new
200 UAH

I have a YouTube channel named Zarcha and I need a banner for your taste and color. The theme of the channel will help this shorts movies essentially is the series of dogs I hope not too much I underestimate the work.

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The car service needs the help of a designer to deny the banners new

You need help in creating banners for advertising on Google. Technical requirements: In reply, please tell us briefly about yourself, your experience and your conditions of cooperation. What experience do you have in making…

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Create files according to the templates new

Good Morning, You need to create files by shabons. You need to create ~200 files. More detail can be seen in the TZ, which is in the appendix. Thank you ! Good Friday evening to everyone.

BannersVector graphics ∙ 34 proposals
I am looking for an advertising designer. new

Hello to you! I need animated and static advertising patterns that attract attention, differ from the competitors and touch the audience. Please attach the examples of your work. Thank you !

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Images for the catalogue of products for the site new

There are examples of images, you need to unify the images for the catalogue of goods for the site, the indicative number of 30-35 pieces

BannersPhoto processing ∙ 39 proposals
Creating a creative for a advertising company on Facebook new
500 UAH

Create a creative for advertising on Facebook for remarketing - a carousel from photos and videos. Creative ideas are welcomed.

BannersSocial media advertising ∙ 22 proposals
Banner for the Internet Store new
1000 UAH

You need to make a design for the online store - one big and two small. The theme of the store is car, magnets, sound. It is necessary to do bright and patriot with the Ukrainian symbol.

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Drawing and animating (html5) creatives for advertising campaigns new

It is necessary to negate the advertising creatives 6 pieces. I apply one of the reefs for the sample. Every creator needs to be animated in html5. An animation scenario for every creative is present. The duration of the animation is about 5 seconds. Mainly zooming elements,…

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Photo editing in Photoshop new

There are photos of trailers like from different angles. We need to cut out the trailers and put on our background three trailers, as if standing next to each other in a semicircle.…

BannersPhoto processing ∙ 46 proposals
Graphic designer with English or German new

We are looking for graphic designer REQUIREMENTS:Good English or GermanTime for at least 20 hours/week TASKS:Create info-graphics, flyers, logos, social media graphics, business cards, logos, posters, brochures, packaging and advertisements. KNOWLEDGE (examples):Photoshop,…

BannersBusiness card design ∙ 7 proposals
Graphic designer for the project new
1000 UAH

From our candidate I would like to see an understanding of the tasks set, I can give examples of future work, it will be a plus video editing, the creation of design videos. Your responsibilities will include: - Make a creative according to the TOR - pick up an idea - Do…

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Banners and labels, regular cooperation new
200 UAH

Ежемесячно требуется делать 3-5 баннеров и этикеток, см примеры Просьба в ставке указать стоимость за 1 баннер и 1 этикетку

BannersPrint design ∙ 157 proposals