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Thinkscript script for Thinkorswim new
3500 UAH

Screenshot for the trading platform thinkorswim The script must signal every time the price exceeds William’s Fractal. HTTPS:// We take in calculation only the last…

Application programmingBot development
The Boot for Telagram on Python new

Welcome to everyone! You need to write a bot. There are no databases and no text to fill them. When creating a database, the choice of the type of database is for you. You can fill any text for testing. Please look at TZ. I need to write a bot strictly on this TZ. I look…

PythonBot development ∙ 6 proposals
Create a convenient platform for the expert new

Help the nutritionist in creating a comfortable work. You need to create a file, possibly in Excel or any other application, where all available recipes will be collected in the word/pdf format, where you will be able to copy the recipes by keywords and enter a new client into…

DatabasesBot development ∙ 5 proposals
The telegram bots new

There is a bots telegram written in Python that you need to work up. The bot is used for the internal work of the internet store. In the bot, managers form an order, which then falls into the group for the shipment of goods in the warehouse. Necessary 1 . The goods in the order…

PythonBot development ∙ 6 proposals
You need to launch a telegram bot + to simplify it new

TZ 1 : There is a telegram bot on the telebot + admin panel on the jango.The telegram bot is launched through a flash on the webhoke along with the app enpoint to receive the payment status data.The boat was launched through the supervisor – but when it falls – it no longer…

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Writing a program to check the number of tickets on the site new

Good time of day. You need to write a program to check the number of tickets available in the hall for different events. I will provide an example and additional information.

Web programmingBot development ∙ 12 proposals
Working with Selenium (automatization of actions on the site) new

There are self-posting functions on the Selenium on one platform. You need to convert the feature to autoposting on another platform (functions for another platform I provide). You also need to change the screen record function written on ffmpeg.

Web programmingBot development ∙ 5 proposals
MEV (sandwich) bot for DEX exchange (blockchain, ETH, BSC, solidity) new
165 000 UAH

Create a script or smart contract (On the executive’s discretion) to carry out Sandwich attacks on the bsc/eth network (Bep20/erc20) and on the DEX exchange - HTTPS:// HTTPS:// separate wishes, The possibility of presenting the…

BlockchainBot development ∙ 4 proposals
Chat bot in Telegram new

We, an investment company from Kyiv, plan to launch an online training marathon on financial literacy and investment. Duration: 14 days. We want to make the Telegram bot the main means of communication with students. We will prescribe the logic and text. What the bot wants: in…

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Create an extension for Google Chrome new

Good day . Interested in creating an extension for a browser of this type: Unfortunately, the project of this expansion is closed, so I will try to describe in words its principle of work: 1 .…

Web programmingBot development ∙ 3 proposals
The BOT telegram. by API BINANS new

The project is scheduled to be created from 10 to 25 July.Hello I'm looking for an executive to create a bot telegram with connection to Binance through the App.Following full management of the Binance account.The bot must before connecting the account( through login and…

PythonBot development ∙ 4 proposals
I'm looking for a bot specialist in telegram. new

On a python or java script - send your suggestions to anyone who is able to implement the project. I am looking for a telegram bot specialist who: one. It can add code to an existing bot - this is a captcha bot with emoji + a system of ranks and reputation in one bot required…

JavaBot development ∙ 5 proposals
The Boot Telegram new

It requires a telegram of a bot, which by the specified list of Twitter accounts will send the text and image of a new tweet as quickly as possible to a personal chat/group to telegram. You need the ability to edit the list of accounts, choose what to send (only tweet, tweet +…

Data parsingBot development ∙ 5 proposals
Parking of site new

parsing - all events (these are separate pages) on the link page in which there is the "kick off" line (there may be several other conditions of filtration) Read the values (in live) in these events in accordance with the "conditions" -…

Bot development ∙ 6 proposals
Adding Twitter users to Twitter lists new

Twitter takes user names from certain accounts and adds them to the list. Details will be given.

Bot developmentWeb programming ∙ 1 proposal