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Forming and conducting an online survey on thematic groups at FB new

Help is needed in organizing and conducting online surveys in thematic groups on Facebook to “validate” the idea and collect additional information from the CIA. English/Russian languages, the theme is food. Help is needed in organizing and conducting online surveys in thematic…

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Business Plan of Auto Parts Shop new

It is necessary to form a business plan to obtain a loan in the Ukrainian Bank (Oshadbank) by an entrepreneur. The budget is minimal, please indicate the cost, explanations, questions. There will be further orders on a similar topic.

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Setting and placing on Amazon new

Configuration of profile on Amazon Displacement of goods Link to the site and catalogue on the shopping site Content Management Settings of advertising

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Creating a business plan new

Good day . You need to create a business plan according to the following business concept: Creations of the Technical Service and Water Transport Service Company in Croatia Order and list of services of provision: - annual service season April - October - service…

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The Merchandise new
200 UAH

in the shop Prof. cosmetics are looking for a merchandise, drawing up a scheme of placement of goods, drawing up actions.

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Consulting on Business Processes new
1000 UAH

Today we need consultation on the setting of the business process. There is demand and customers have something to offer but not set the business chain is effective. You need to determine where the errors are and set up the entire business. Sphere of Real Estate Sales. The…

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Write a business plan for opening a branch of a dental clinic. new

Writing a business plan for opening a branch of a dental clinic. The goal is to get additional funding from the bank.

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Legal advice on copyrights new

Welcome to! We need the help of lawyers who are familiar with music. I’ve recorded the song, I want to discuss all the questions, all the submarine stones, all the nuances that will hit me in my creative path. There is also a deal from the distributor that I would like to break…

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Consultation on the functionality of a secure transaction on the site new

Consultation on the organization of the safe purchase function (transaction) is required for the new marketplace. For example, already implemented on OLX, IZI, Prom, Shafa and other platforms: - Make a table of comparison of parameters on all available in Ukraine solutions.…

Business consulting