The press of Olga. new
5000 UAH

The program controls new ads, suitable for search criteria, on private ads sites.The program should track the appearance of new ads that meet the search criteria on the website When a new ad appears, the program must send a notification to the telegram/Wiber SMS “new…

Looking for a C# .NET Web Expert new
5000 UAH

The task C# 1 . Rise of the fork 2. Add an administrator where a person can add the ID of the frame. Change the frame adding mechanics so that the user can enter his frame ID. It is necessary to develop a scheme with the Embedded Engineer,…

C and C++C# ∙ 1 proposal
The Chrome extension. Develop extensions for Chrome browser new
16 000 UAH

From scratch to develop + design extension for the browser. The extension should compare the addresses from websites that use the Metamask extension. Compare it with the base of a third-party service through the app and show the result: coincides or not. You will need to compare…

C#Java ∙ 3 proposals
Implementing two programs using Windows Forms new
400 UAH

You need to make two programs using Windows Forms C#. In the files are written tasks and examples of their performance.

C# ∙ 9 proposals
Create a prototype for a social project in 3D new
17 000 UAH

And then!! We do not work with the agencies!!!The ! We are looking for a responsible specialist to help in creating a 3D prototype for the souls. The project. using the Unity engine. The main task of creating several 3D rooms with the imposition of our UI, is possible to…

C#Gaming applications ∙ 1 proposal
Looking for a back-end developer on C#/.net (mobile application) new

There is a back-end mobile application developed, you need to deploy it on Azure, conduct a conformity audit, if necessary, implement the required improvements. The main input: 1. The programming language is C# .NET/Core2. Experience with Rest API3. Azure, we can consider…

C#Microsoft .NET ∙ 3 proposals
Learning Programming Languages new

The learning center requires a programming/learning practitioner for remote learning of C#, C, C++, and Python programming languages. Web design, PHP, Full Stack Web Development, UI/UX It is desirable to have a developer experience in the field you are planning to teach. If…

C#Python ∙ 6 proposals
Electronic menu of a restaurant with integration into R-Keeper and payment systems new

An electronic portal ( work via a tablet or telephone, preferably ASP or PHP) with a menu download (categories, name, composition/description, photo, price), with the exception of a stop-list, from the R-Keeper system…

C#PHP ∙ 4 proposals
Uniti Developer, Unity Developer, Game Development new

I'm looking for a youth developer with a great knowledge of Unity for long-term collaboration. It requires a person who has experience in creating multiplayer games on Unit 3D. Development of the UNity game for Web, Desktop, Mobile. Responsibilities: Experience in developing…

C#Gaming applications ∙ 7 proposals
Further development of the Unit project new

There's a project (Unity 2020+) that needs further development. The task consists of developing GUI for application, data serilling in XML, and working area development. Attaching the PDF specification.

C#Microsoft .NET ∙ 2 proposals