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Integration 1C and Perfectum CRM new
1000 UAH

Welcome to! Integration is required with 1C Enterprise 8.3 and Perfectum CRM. From integration with 1C, the following is required: - When a account is created on the 1C side, this account falls into the Perfect in the account section to the customer with a reflection of the…

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Configuration of amoCRM with integrations new

It is necessary to set amoCRM and set the necessary integrations, if short, the work plan will look like this (previously): Consulting with the execution Create TZ with the work plan and deadlines Create a business process map on the basis of which We build a sales gate and…

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Project Management new

Good day ! You need a project to manage projects, as well as to perform the following functions: + Writing TZ + Testing of work + Conversations with Commanders + search for orders through posting ads, answers to user questions. The task is temporarily, for 2-3 weeks. How…

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Assistance in Bitrix 24 new

We have a Bitrix 24 CRM system. We have a number of problems that need to be solved on a turnkey basis: The fb lead form connected to Bitrix falls off (the connection is disconnected) fb) in Bitrix, namely: create a lead, transfer the name and phone number (if indicated) +…

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Implementation of CRM system new

Set up the system for the company that is engaged in writing articles. All the details are added in the pictures. If there are any further questions about the TZ, I will clarify in the messages.

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