Computer networking

The Cisco RV 340 new

There is a small Cisco RV 340. There are a number of employees who on remote access go through SSL VPN using Any connect. Now you need to do so that they have access to the resources within the network that this RV340 creates, printers and so on. There’s something split…

Computer networking
Set up the server new

The server works if you enter it, the internet is there, when remote connection is not connected. After recharge, it can be connected and then discharged.

System administrationComputer networking ∙ 8 proposals
Server Cabin, Selection, Connection new

It is necessary to arrange the physical network and the available equipment, in this regard it is necessary a server closet (selection, connection), which can be hanged on the wall on the warehouse taking into account the following: 1 .Protection against dust (beton floor,…

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Network methods, monitoring new
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Computer networking