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Complete the online store catalogue on Prom new

You need to fill out the catalogue of the online store on the Prom platform, and that is, the creation of goods cards.Creation of a cargo card: Photo on a white background Description in Russian language The Hess # How to add goods:…

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Help in promoting video on video resources - experience in advertisements new

Good day Need help - to post videos on video resources You need a person with experience placing on ads. thank you

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Showing goods cards on new
1000 UAH

Qualitatively and quickly display the cards of the goods on prom.yua, it is desirable who has already worked with the furniture on the medium. You will need to find the appropriate, quality photo/render position, create a description and fill it all correctly. 5 grn/position,…

Content managementInformation gathering ∙ 3 proposals
Content Manager to fill out cards and articles (>5000) in WordPress new
29 400 UAH

The task is to publish and edit materials in the WordPress CMS, more than 5000 pieces. A long-term big project. Permanent cooperation is possible. Growth to the head of the department. 1 . Hope: List of gaming brands in the Google Table. Needed to: Find the name of the…

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SMM (Content Manager) for Instagram with English knowledge new

It is necessary to complete an Instagram account for the international market. The child theme. Setting a content plan Writing texts in English with an understanding of the international market Filling content (description, hashtags, posts, current). Not to take a picture,…

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Content Manager (SMM) for a public organization.Total 50-70 posts new
2500 UAH

It is necessary for a person: - wrote 50-70 posts on this content plan put them on the page. Pictures and pictures. The source material is You just need a post in style. 6 main types of content (e.g. interviews, dajesti, etc.) That is, many posts are actually the same,…

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Advertising on social networks new
200 UAH

Good day . I am looking for a person who will regularly post advertising posts on social networks and adboards.

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The website of new
1000 UAH

The website of Adding a new product. Change of Pictures Writing additional articles -

Content managementCopywriting ∙ 36 proposals
Improvement of category display new

Required for the online store For certain categories and brands to improve the display and extraction of the necessary data for the website customers You need to: 1) Analysis of the output of such goods from competitors and manufacturers 2)…

Content managementInformation gathering ∙ 5 proposals
Adding content to the website new

We have a small online store. We are going to go to a new market. in Europe. We need to fill the store with new content. in different languages. We need assistants. Wish for those who have experience doing such tasks. It will also be very good if you know one of the foreign…

Online stores and e-commerceContent management ∙ 22 proposals
Complete the Prom Card new
1000 UAH

You need to create cards of goods on the medium, fill in information, add a photo. Payment for filled cards, the limit of 1000 cards, ready to take for filling all cards.

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Technical writer new

High level of expression. Familiarity with the world of slots. Writing the flow of the game simply and clearly. description of the various features of the game. Integrating the technical requirements of the system. Setting the required file sizes and weights. Game messages.…

Content managementScript writing
Working with, Rozetka new
200 UAH

On PROM prices and description updated...Translate to ROSETKA 296 of them. We are looking for a good specialist for further cooperation with optimization on these market plays and not only.

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Content Manager to upload goods from xml through modules on OC. new

The task is to download the goods to the OC using XML downloading modules. Download products to a site with two XML files. When you work, you are ready to buy the modules with which you work and know how to download.

Online stores and e-commerceContent management ∙ 8 proposals
Completing the online store with goods new
5000 UAH

You need to fill the online store with the goods that the suppliers look at. Write the example cost of filling one card of the goods (sites of the suppliers will be discounted at the time of shipping). You need to fill with a speed of about 1000 goods per week. If you don’t…

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