Contextual advertising

Create and Configurate Context Advertising in Google new
1000 UAH

Site for delivery of flowers in 10 cities in Ukraine You need to set up Google ads in Russian and Ukrainian (only search, without remarketing, merchant, etc.)

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Create Rk adwords, 10 to 15 keys. new

Good day . You need to create Rk, theme: web design studio services. The number of keys is 10-15. Possible subsequent collaboration with the studio projects.

Contextual advertising ∙ 16 proposals
Google Ads “We’ve detected suspicious payments...” new
1000 UAH

A company account was opened in the United States, worked a week, 2-3 days after the first magazine from the card, a ban arrived with a formulation for suspicious payments. They wrote a complaint, sent the company's documents and issued a statement that the attached card belongs…

Contextual advertising ∙ 1 proposal
Starting Search Advertising new

Interesting the launch of contextual advertising for the network of floor-cover shops. This is done in a way that there is no budget loss.

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E-Commerce settings, Google Analytics, conversion registration new

You need to complete the eCommerce settings, Google Analytics, the registration of conversions to the web site. The site has been transferred to a new version of the map and it is not possible to set up the settings on Google Ads.

Contextual advertisingSearch engine optimization ∙ 11 proposals
Creating an Advertising Video for Mobile App new

Application with films sorted by genres and languages. You need to create a advertising video that will display the following story: The user scraps the video list in another application, updates the page, but can’t find the right movie to watch (as if you can’t find the video…

Video advertisingContextual advertising ∙ 7 proposals
Google AdWords + site correction on the Joomla engine new
200 UAH

You need a specialist to set up the campaigns in Google Ads, check the competitors. We have no commercial organization- Nonprofit Ads

Contextual advertisingSearch engine optimization ∙ 6 proposals
Configuration of contextual advertising new

Configuration of contextual advertising for effective sales. I am also interested in Instagram advertising.

Contextual advertisingSearch engine optimization ∙ 28 proposals
Google Ads Consulting new
500 UAH

Surface Advertising Consultancy is required in Google Ads. I need to create and set up advertisements in Google Ads. How to do this? That is, there are specific pages on my website that I want to buy advertising. And exactly there are also concrete videos on my YouTube…

Contextual advertisingSearch engine optimization ∙ 18 proposals
Create Google Adwords in English. new

It is necessary to create effective contextual advertising in Google Adwords for Malara (nearly arrived from Ukraine). Country: Australia (English language) The preference is only for those who have previously had experience in setting the context in English. Settings…

Contextual advertising ∙ 19 proposals
Advertising of Google Ads new

I am looking for a trustworthy person. Have a minimum of 5 years of advertising setting on Google. You can take a portfolio of results. - Know English at the level of Intermediate (to be able to set up advertising for foreign companies) In case we plan a project cooperation…

Contextual advertising ∙ 15 proposals
Advertising in Google Ads for the Agency (in the US Market) new

We are the Agency for Design and Development of Applications and Websites It’s only Google and the US market. You need a specialist to set up, launch and analyze advertising. Press your portfolio and approximately prices. thank you

Contextual advertisingLead generation and sales ∙ 21 proposals
You need to set Google ads on contact lenses. new

Hello to everyone! You need to set your search advertisement + I think you can set Google Shopping ( write your recommendations) There is a link - You need to set an advertisement on it. Geo is all of Ukraine. Write the cost for work + advertising and…

Contextual advertising ∙ 31 proposals
Writing Ads for Google Ads new

Task:Writing the texts of adaptive ads for Google ads in Ukrainian and Russian languages.Heads and descriptions should complement a friend and reveal the features and strengths of the product, approach the keywords and should not be repeated.In the headlines we write every word…

Contextual advertisingCopywriting ∙ 8 proposals
Create and set up 2 GoogleAds campaigns new
1000 UAH

You need to create and set up 2 GoogleAds campaigns today. Location: the United States Budget for setting: 1000 UAH.

Contextual advertising ∙ 8 proposals