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Communication with Scientists (English outreach) new
3000 UAH

We need a good negotiator. There is one organization that provides access to trained neuron networks models (in fact, this is a file set). But they do this not for everyone, but only for scientists who have scientific publications in the field of artificial intelligence or…

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The Tecdoc new

You need to go a doc or other base with a plugin for opencart, for the car spare parts site, the base needs to be with cars of 2020 or younger, the bases in which cars until 2018 are not interested. The base of the country of the aggressor does not offer!!The !

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The Merchandise new
200 UAH

in the shop Prof. cosmetics are looking for a merchandise, drawing up a scheme of placement of goods, drawing up actions.

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Affiliate network CPARK. Looking for media buyer or target marketer new

Hello!I represent CPARK Digital Performance network and would like to suggest:- Exclusive offers for DATING, SWEEPSTAKES and other verticals.- High CR - Insane number of offers for GEO tier 1- Net 7/15/30 Let's discuss the details of the opportunity of working together, my Skype…

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