Data parsing

Parking prices of goods new

Hello to you! Parking prices and automatic price changes below the competitors of the Kaspi store (marketplays), as here Parking goods Parking site 1.Parking data of the goods in the customer section of the store. • Competitor price •…

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Parking vacancies from other sites new

The goal is to create a parser that will find on the selected pages/sites of vacancies with certain keywords and in the format of a bot in TG to send a link to them. There are lists of sites: - Other vacation sites (As general, for example TG channels (Channels with…

Data parsing ∙ 2 proposals
Create a feed for loading on Allo new

Hello to you. You need to create a feed for loading on Allo The goods for the phones, at the moment, are loaded on the foam. There is a file template for allo where you need to fill the columns with the necessary values: name, price, type of shell, compatibility, color, and…

DatabasesData parsing ∙ 4 proposals
Fixing the feed under Google Merchant new

Correction of the existing feed on Google Merchant requirements for download to trading companies 100 units of goods

DatabasesData parsing ∙ 1 proposal
P2P APi QIWI Payment System new
500 UAH

There is a website. It is necessary to take the parameter from the payment form on the site and further implement the link to the payment through , to make the internal conversion of the payment to the Kazakh Tenge and to send the payment in the Tenge to…

Web programmingData parsing ∙ 5 proposals
Processing of the parser to PHP - Google Translation new

Everyone is greeted. I am looking for a specialist who will help solve the problem in a parser-translator. Parser himself addresses Google and translates the website from English to German. Parser is written in PHP 8.0, and morda in VUEjs (not necessary to know it, because the…

PHPData parsing ∙ 4 proposals
Create a bot (site) to disclose messages in the telegram chat. new

I am looking for a programming professional with the skills not lower level midle, in php, back on python. I have not launched a web site for the dissemination of messages in telegram. You need either to complete it, or start creating a new, you can write your proposals, all…

PythonData parsing ∙ 2 proposals
Parking of goods from the online store new

Hi, you need to spark the goods from the internet store, from the photo (if you don’t pull out without the watermark then let it be so) Required products by categories and brands in the file list All info in the product: title, description and tables, short description, har-ki,…

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Parser to compare data from 2 sites new

You need to take goods on two sites to compare the difference in price and find the most affordable offer one site in the English language the other only in Chinese.

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Download products from xls files to tilda new
200 UAH

There is an original xls file you need to download it to tilda Filed to 126 products file to get acquainted send on request

Online stores and e-commerceData parsing ∙ 5 proposals
Parser for the removal of phones and emails from Facebook Group new

I'm looking for a programmer who will be able to build a parser for Facebook groups and parse emails and phones from Facebook groups and pages or can just show me how to use this program or a similar with which I can solve this question…

Data parsingApplication programming ∙ 3 proposals
Collect Ukrainian news through API or XML sources. From the Official News new

In PHP make a small script to perform such a task: Collect Ukrainian news through API or XML sources. from the official news.

PHPData parsing ∙ 5 proposals
Service for comparing prices of online stores (on Power BI) new

Good day to everyone! A service is needed, with the help of which it will be possible to analyze the prices of sellers for the same product from certain online stores/internet stores. The goods will need to be parked on certain brands every day and compare manually to see the…

Web programmingData parsing ∙ 2 proposals
Parking of data. Smart and flexible solution new
9000 UAH

Good evening . I am looking for a specialist who will create a smart software solution. Data parsing and subsequent processing in Excel automatically (slip, more/mindre). Universal and “all-one” to the requirements of the TZ. I will send you on request. If the decision is…

Data parsingApplication programming ∙ 18 proposals
Parcing of chemical compounds new

Parcing all chemical compounds from Wikipedia There are about 10,000 by idea. Basic information - about 10 columns in the Excel file and toxicity is also important.

Data parsing ∙ 11 proposals