Data processing

You need to disperse (extract data) from the CSV file. new

You need to transfer data from a CSV file to a Microsoft Excel file. The details of the task are described in the video - Attached are sample files. Payment via safe + review with screenshots and everything you need to increase your rating. Ask…

Data processingData parsing ∙ 21 proposals
Pharmaceutical consultations new

Creating an easy site under the key. The site is aimed at communicating with customers. It is important to add the chat bots Telegram and Watsapp. The site is focused on providing pharmaceutical advice with the possibility of subsequent order of medications. Not a catalogue…

Data processingWebsite development ∙ 10 proposals
Integration with Marketplays (Prom, 1C, Rosetka) new

Good day . Synchronization of residues and prices from suppliers on Prom and Rosetka. Current remains from B2B portals, API settings, price updates, product availability updates. Automatic comparison of goods positions (On the site and in the price. Identification of new…

Online stores and e-commerceData processing ∙ 2 proposals
A cross-platform program-planner for airlines. new

It is necessary to create a very logical, comprehensible program that could include: schedule of flights; individual schedule for each crew member; - could display in real time by flight time; Departure/Delay/Cancel/Arrival; -a clear interface for the planner, making…

Data processingApplication programming ∙ 5 proposals
Set Goals in Google Analytics for Applications, Transfer them to Google Ads new

He worked earlier. Now it has ceased to transfer data to Google Ads. You need to set the targets on the site to send the application, send these data to the analytics, from here to AdWords

Data processingLead generation and sales ∙ 15 proposals
Analysis of goods and competitors on Amazon new

You need to do an analysis of the niche and competitors on Amazon. Goods - large brilliant mirrors and mirrors with a soft Website of products You need to make an estimate of the commission on the Amazon, take 5th competitors and make an…

Data processing ∙ 3 proposals
Create a management report in Google tables new

Create a management report in the Google tables. It is required to be: The Balance Report of Profits and Expenses Money Flow ordering Calculation of goods What is the term? The price?The ?

DatabasesData processing ∙ 12 proposals