Required work code by API new
500 UAH

We are stuck. The code doesn’t work, you need your option. That these functions work. Desirable access to your own office (use your own password) php file with a fixed login/password and order number (for Ukr and Russian goods) Change of order status to prom. No change in…

PHPDatabases ∙ 2 proposals
TorgSoft - make and set the label template for print + 6 tasks new
1300 UAH

Good day We are looking for a specialist in the TorgSoft program (Type 1C Ukrainian) A list of tasks. 1. make and set the label template for printing 58x38 mm on the stick - Stripcode of the logo Price Name The logo is attached as well. The 2ndCreate a string code-click for…

Loading into the database new
300 UAH

On our WordPress website a database is created in which our students are taken into account. The customer’s download and removal is realized through the Java script. We download the data using a file in the SCV format, Recently, some columns have ceased to be charged. You…

JavaScriptDatabases ∙ 2 proposals
The Google Sheet new
500 UAH

We have an automaker. There are tables where we record. Number of the car The amount of service What is the service of a washer/chemist Date of service provision Can you make a table that will be drawn on the basis of the machine number? The time she was in us. The amount…

DatabasesBot development ∙ 9 proposals
Chatbot on Sale-bot platform new
500 UAH

Write a branch of questions (about 40 messages ) Make in 3 languages (text ready ) change the structure of the old branch of questions Send json to Bitrix 24 (Fill and update fields )

DatabasesBot development ∙ 1 proposal
Create a feed for loading on Allo new

Hello to you. You need to create a feed for loading on Allo The goods for the phones, at the moment, are loaded on the foam. There is a file template for allo where you need to fill the columns with the necessary values: name, price, type of shell, compatibility, color, and…

DatabasesData parsing ∙ 4 proposals
Set the display of the correct URL of the pages on the WordPress site new

On our WordPress site, it is impossible to display the right URL. For example, there is a page in which the WordPress URL is prescribed, but the browser address of the page appears as Is…

Databases ∙ 3 proposals
Fixing the feed under Google Merchant new

Correction of the existing feed on Google Merchant requirements for download to trading companies 100 units of goods

DatabasesData parsing ∙ 1 proposal
Database with a tables plugin (vue or react) new
40 000 UAH

The company is engaged in the production of roulette.Provide business services and retail customers.Currently, the entire accounting is run in the Excel tables.For each client - a separate table that became uncomfortable in managing.You need to create a web add-on with a similar…

DatabasesWeb programming ∙ 5 proposals
Making medical statistics new

You need to make medical statistics for the article and discer, the data in the exel table. The task for the husband, the data for the work will be sent personally.

DatabasesTechnical documentation ∙ 6 proposals
API creation between WordPress and React Native applications new

Hello, you need a backend developer to create an API between WordPress and the React Native apps, With a site built on WordPress WooCommerce we need to build an API(Postman) Important is: Experience in building an API for the site is built on WordPress.✳*At this moment you…

DatabasesWeb programming ∙ 3 proposals
Project on Databases new

You need to write a project on BD in Microsoft Access Databases and a topic “The Library” (2 pages) All necessary conditions in the attached file (in Ukrainian) 2 days of work (from Tuesday evening) Work for a student (invalid group 1). I am very pleased to help.

Databases ∙ 4 proposals
Set the scanner for the required tasks in Excel new

Set the scanner for the required tasks in Excel, for today, the scanner works only through the window to find and replace. The tasks: 1 . When scanning, select the right line and keep it separated. 2 When scanning, transfer the line to another book of the Excel. Examples of…

System administrationDatabases ∙ 2 proposals
Create a convenient platform for the expert new

Help the nutritionist in creating a comfortable work. You need to create a file, possibly in Excel or any other application, where all available recipes will be collected in the word/pdf format, where you will be able to copy the recipes by keywords and enter a new client into…

DatabasesBot development ∙ 7 proposals