Design equipment for cutting gums conveyor bands on the reem new

The task is to design and develop a scheme of linear guidelines for the mechanism of cutting gums conveyor bands on toothbags. There is detailed information. It requires understanding of linear SNR modules and integration with Siemens Simatic HMI

EngineeringDesigning ∙ 1 proposal
The concept of the market in Lviv new
1000 UAH

Develop the concept of the market for 3-5 next years. Set standard workplaces and, as possible, their baskets and executives Developing the market sector To clarify the details, we need to meet in Levi. Budget of the project and tasks are adjusted during the meeting

DesigningDrawings and diagrams ∙ 2 proposals
Inventory of emission sources new
2000 UAH

Make a report on the inventory of emissions sources + "Based" documents. 3 sources of emissions. There are previous reports.

Architectural designDesigning
Interior Designer new
12 000 UAH

Interior designer, 3-D modeling, help in the choice of colors and the location of furniture. The price is 5 euros a square meter.

Designing ∙ 13 proposals
Project of the plant for the production of dry fruits (Remote) new

Good day .Description In connection with the expansion of domestic production I am looking for a specialist who will help to design a plant plan.Manufacturing will produce the following product: Dry vegetables and fucks Dry grains and grains Dry meat, fish and fungi Dry candy…

DesigningDrawings and diagrams ∙ 12 proposals
Product Design Product Design 2-3CAD / Mechanical Engineer new
3500 UAH

I am looking for a specialist in 3D product design. You need to make a product design prototype - Portfolio with CAD 2-3D double-binded with modeling design

Designing3D modeling ∙ 6 proposals
Creating 3D drawings new
3000 UAH

Good day , There is a drawing of one industrial building-installation object in PDF-DWG format (view is attached). It is necessary to make it in 3D format voluminous, beautiful - for presentation. Duration of execution - up to 5 days. The final value and details are discussed…

Architectural designDesigning ∙ 18 proposals
It is necessary to develop instructions for collecting a complex furniture. new

You need to develop a step-by-step instructions for collecting a complex item. The 3t. metal, wood, fabric, a lot of crowns. Only for people with experience.

Drawings and diagramsDesigning ∙ 7 proposals
Wind generator new
10 000 UAH

Good day Need the help of a specialist. We are now developing a new type of wind generator, we already have a ready 3D model and from this sample you need to make a mathematical model and check it with wind flows to understand what to change in the already working model. I…

Designing ∙ 3 proposals
The settlement is up to 2500 people new

You need 3D visualization of the town: 2 streets, the central square/center of the town. Based on the existing settlement: now it looks like that, and it can look like that (on the form of "for" and "after" changes). Photo, video of the streets and the center of the town will be…

Landscape designDesigning ∙ 18 proposals