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The concept of the market in Lviv new
1000 UAH

Develop the concept of the market for 3-5 next years. Set standard workplaces and, as possible, their baskets and executives Developing the market sector To clarify the details, we need to meet in Levi. Budget of the project and tasks are adjusted during the meeting

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Project of the plant for the production of dry fruits (Remote) new

Good day .Description In connection with the expansion of domestic production I am looking for a specialist who will help to design a plant plan.Manufacturing will produce the following product: Dry vegetables and fucks Dry grains and grains Dry meat, fish and fungi Dry candy…

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It is necessary to develop instructions for collecting a complex furniture. new

You need to develop a step-by-step instructions for collecting a complex item. The 3t. metal, wood, fabric, a lot of crowns. Only for people with experience.

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