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Set the events (Sendpulse) for OpenCart 3 new

You need to set the events: "Forgotten basket, purchase and registration" to transfer data from open card 3 to Here is a link to the manual:…

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Communication with Scientists (English outreach) new
3000 UAH

We need a good negotiator. There is one organization that provides access to trained neuron networks models (in fact, this is a file set). But they do this not for everyone, but only for scientists who have scientific publications in the field of artificial intelligence or…

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Increased sales in the online store new

Hello to you. You need a marketer with the skills of working and setting GA, GTM, Pixel, Google Ads, working with social networks and launching e-mail links. (It is possible with the possession of only a few instruments, but a practitioner, not a theoretical) There is an online…

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In Telegram, you need to send a message on the basis. new
550 UAH

You need to spark and make a mail in a telegram to the subscribers of the publications and the link groups to which I will download about 5000 contacts.

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I need an email specialist. new

We need an email specialist who can: 1) Will be able to think over a chain of mailings (the number of letters is discussed) 2) Configure the mailing template in SendPlus 3) Monitor the effectiveness of mailings Required knowledge of English. languages, mailing is planned…

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Settings of Tiger Letters new
1000 UAH

Settings of trigger letters on the satellite: The abandoned basket, Visit the registration page and unfinished registration

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Email to Europe new

Interested email addresses to business addresses of companies in Europe. If possible, they are interested in the operating companies of Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Scandinavia, Central Europe. The base is not needed.

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Posts by 1 project new

Required work experience: 1-3 years. Project work An Estonian development company is looking for an e-mail marketing specialist for one of their projects. Uksteist is a project to build a residential area on a picturesque island near Tallinn ( If you…

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