Embedded systems and microcontrollers

Integration of the payment system on the website new
2600 UAH

Requires a backend programmer with experience in php framework, which will connect the payment system Stripe / PayPal.

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The detector signaled at a frequency of 1.5 GHz. new

It is necessary to detect whether there is any signal at a frequency of 1575.42 MHz in a level higher than the signal from the satellite. That is interference. Usually they are many times higher in level than the standard satellite signal. It does not need to be decoded or…

Embedded systems and microcontrollers
Equipment for instant signal transmission new

Need equipment for instant signal transmission Small, not noticeable, like a button just a person presses, a signal is transmitted over the Internet, for example

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Electrical Engineer new

We are looking for an Electronic Engineer, which is understood in board and management blocks. Kiev, details by phone

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Deploy and Adjust Keytaro TDS new

Hey, everybody. I'm looking for a specialist with experience with Keitaro TDS. Tasks: Turn the Keitaro admin on our server (at our digital ocean) To propose an algorithm as an application sends traffic to TDS, and the TDS will distribute traffic internally according to…

Web programmingEmbedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 1 proposal