Search for suppliers by Amazon, eBay new
1500 UAH

Requirements : Free possession of English language. What to do: Writing a letter to the supplier is a template. Add to the office on the site for wholesale buyers, fill in the form. If there is no answer from the supplier to call him and clarify what the problem is…

Find similar posts in facebook groups new

Hi there! Need to find a lot of similar posts in Facebook groups. Real estate niche in the USA. 80 UAH/hour, monobank or secuire deal here.

EnglishInformation gathering ∙ 8 proposals
Letter to sports brands from my name new
200 UAH

It is necessary to write a proposal for cooperation with foreign sports brands in English and Russian. The main points that must be in the letter will be written personally.

EnglishCopywriting ∙ 11 proposals
Search and collection of information new
1000 UAH

Good day ! I am looking for an executive for the project with a good sense of humor ;) Knowledge of English!The ! and a creative approach What is humor? We’ll have to work to find jokes! (e.g. knock knock jokes, easter jokes, etc.) and systematize by categories (here you…

EnglishRewriting ∙ 20 proposals
Translation of the product description into English (for the manufacturer's website) new

Translation of the description of the products from English to English for the manufacturer's website.The content is posted by (if the link is unavailable by click, then simply copy the URL to your browser).Important is: 1) Description of the…

English ∙ 15 proposals
Native Eng Texts for the marketing team (agriculture startup FieldBee) new
200 UAH

Hi! We are looking for a native English speaker to work with our team on agriculture articles, constant emails to our client base, text for social media posts, and proofreading of different pieces. Our website - We pay once a month for the fact…

EnglishCopywriting ∙ 6 proposals
English IT copywriter new

Looking for an IT copywriter for writing engaging and interesting marketing articles for our blog about our successful cases, projects, and technologies. Please include ONE best article in IT or related niche, and your rate. Good luck and have a nice day!

EnglishArticle writing ∙ 10 proposals
10 posts for social networks in English new

We launch a brand of dietary supplements to the UK market. Now we are looking for a copywriter who knows the English language at the level of the second native (C2), to write texts for 10 posts on Instagram. Since our audience is female, we plan to lead the page in lifestyle…

EnglishCopywriting ∙ 15 proposals
Writing text on the theme of the cartoon in English new

Good day ! We need texts on the theme of cartoons - SpongeBob, Minecraft, Tom and Jerry, etc. In response to the request to indicate the price for your work. Thank you !

EnglishText translation ∙ 22 proposals
You need an English or Italian translator. new
200 UAH

for constant online work is required a translator from English or Italian, all questions by phone

EnglishItalian ∙ 17 proposals