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1900 UAH

1 . You need to deal with the plugins on the site and correct the errors related to them (WordPress) 2. Correction of errors in CSS and JS scripts (if possible to reduce and optimize them) 3. Optimize the website by Google Web Core Vitals parameters without serious changes in…

HTML and CSSCMS installation and configuration
Project on the ocStore (Opencart), the line of the line new

TZ is detailed in the deposit, if short: turn / turn from zero a hat, turn out categories, turn the carousel, cut out more, with me the archive with the project and BD or ftp access to the project

HTML and CSSWeb programming ∙ 3 proposals
Create a webflow landing page new

All the greetings, You need to create a link on the webflow platform, similar to , English / German language The structure of the site as on the project, at the expense of the design, is simple, without a "Gigant ampire". Attention: to offer a separate…

HTML and CSSWeb design ∙ 5 proposals
The flutter new

We are planning to develop an application under iOS on the flutter. I need a layer. Design in Figma, 13 screens. Link to the shadow in private messages

HTML and CSSApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 5 proposals
Creating a video player new

Hi, you need to make a video player to watch series with finished design in the image. You also need to implement in the player some functions that we will discuss with you in personal messages. Figure:

HTML and CSSJavaScript ∙ 6 proposals
Website and its speed new
300 UAH

Site on WordPress After transferring the site to another hosting provider, the speed of its download has fallen substantially and it makes a fault (not loads) the main - it is somehow empty. The problem should be resolved as soon as possible and resolved with the speed of…

HTML and CSSWebsite maintenance ∙ 11 proposals
Install a wordpress and migrate the DLE base new

It needs to be integrated into WordPress. And also mySQL base migrating from DLE to WP News+ images+ CPU and categories save the link address Site for 2 pieces Website of WordPress 1

HTML and CSSWeb programming ∙ 3 proposals
Create a personal office new
1500 UAH

You need to create two personal offices (Supplier and Customer) on WordPress with a reference system. After completion, we will invite Timbi to the team. We are considering proposals with further cooperation. Follow the details and leave your offer.

HTML and CSSWebsite development ∙ 11 proposals
Contact Form(Calculator) WordPress and integrate it with WayforPay new
1000 UAH

You need to create a contact form on WordPress to order water and integrate it with the WayForPay payment service. An example of this form is (click Order water). The contact form must contain the following data to fill in: The number of bottles; Time…

HTML and CSSPayment systems integration ∙ 12 proposals
Wordpress version / Figma --> wordpress new

I am looking for a person on a permanent basis for the wardrobe. There are a lot of projects. Elementary Category: HelloElementor Design All static - text and images Resigned Wrap Pixel perfection is not mandatory, but it…

HTML and CSSWeb programming ∙ 25 proposals
Restoration of the Website new

Website of Created on the older version of WordPress 4.x.x or 3.x.x in general and less worked. Access to the hosting was lost and the site was discharged from a backup to WordPress 5.9.3 Problems of compatibility: Plugin of multilingual qTranslate-X v3.0.14…

HTML and CSSCMS installation and configuration ∙ 9 proposals
Turn the block and add to the landing page through Elementor new

There is a block design in PSD. You need to add this block to the existing landing page. The landing page itself works on wordpress and overstates through Elementor.

HTML and CSS ∙ 22 proposals
Set up the RSS bar according to the requirements new

Interested by the cost of work on setting newspapers according to the requirements. Requirements for RS News is transmitted through a set RSS channel, with the requirements to which you can read here View its validity here…

Development of a single-sided catalogue and payment new
3000 UAH

You need to collect on the designer or write in any language a single-sided site with the products and payments. I have a design, I will send it to LS. The project is budgetary, up to 3000 UAH. Find out how you can do this at the price.

HTML and CSSWeb programming ∙ 34 proposals
HTML, CSS, SVG, Canvas, Javascript new
5000 UAH

Good morning, you need to look at the first screen of the mobile app. The main element of the interface is the central block of the choice of value. It is recommended to be made on svg or canvas. The value parameter can be set via javascript software. After interactive…

HTML and CSSWeb programming ∙ 8 proposals