Icons and pixel graphics

You need to add an icon to the pictures. new

You need to find and add an icon and photo to each service. List of services :https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yyhfvGgQJM6GRVU8T7QIiBOUo9F-ZJGBdnuneCdrWaQ/edit#gid=0 Original files :https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FbBIySSbFejstgViCvPoJM8SEq4jsCjc?usp=sharing

Icons and pixel graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 11 proposals
Make a color correction of the photo (change the color of the object to the photo) new
200 UAH

You need to make a color correction of 10-15 photos. A picture of clothes. Change the color of the shirt (I will indicate the color, even download other photos to repeat the same color). Write in Ls, offer your prices.

Icons and pixel graphicsPhoto processing ∙ 43 proposals
Ava for the channel in the Telegram new

You need an avatar for the channel in the telegram. The name of the channel “Reality Crypto”. Color: white, violet, and some other if it will fit. How exactly to do it - I don't know, it takes a little fantasy from a freelancer.

Icons and pixel graphicsLogo design ∙ 49 proposals
1 lesson by AI new

I'm looking for someone who will teach me to keep a separate area in AI. There are EPS vectors, I want to take separate fragments from them and transfer them to png. Interesting only this. Payment of 100 UAH per time

Icons and pixel graphicsVector graphics ∙ 12 proposals
2D character in the pixel art. new

It is necessary to draw a 2D character in a pixel art, to play with a view of the side. All templates, details and wishes are specified in a personal conversation. Payment depends on the amount of work. If the work is performed quality, then accompanying animations for the…

Icons and pixel graphics ∙ 8 proposals