Illustrations and drawings

You need a small collection of 500 pieces. new
7000 UAH

You need to create a character and to it to create different backgrounds, clothes accessories, emotions, hairstyles and collect through the generator that would come out 500 images

Illustrations and drawings ∙ 4 proposals
Illustrations for a comic (26 pages) new

Congratulations to all who have painting and graphics become a part of their life.This project is a modified version of the previously published project (the vector graph is replaced by a layout).The style is shown in the appendix.Essence of Question It is planned to release a…

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 23 proposals
Change the design of the mobile game "SOCIAL CASINO" new
5000 UAH

You need to change the visual style/design of the mobile game from the social casino category.Requirements : Changing the structure of the game screen (changing the location of the graphic elements on the screen) - Create/Select graphic elements for the new game design (buttons,…

Mobile apps designIllustrations and drawings ∙ 8 proposals
Illustration of Stories for Detective Desktop Game new
1500 UAH

At the moment, a detective table game is being developed, in which a murder occurred on board the aircraft. Our main task is to make screenshots from the observation cameras of the aircraft that would respond to our story. Examples of stories: Personage 1 tries to get into the…

Illustrations and drawingsPhoto processing ∙ 2 proposals
Painting of the linear in Ai new

Good day . At the moment, we are looking for an illustrator for a single project to perform 1 task,<unk> there will be similar tasks in the future (debated individually). The essence of the task is drawing line art, covering the contour of the collage with photographs. Needed…

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 34 proposals
Illustrator new
1000 UAH

Task: Creating an Illustration for the Website The company’s website is linked to investing in cryptocurrencies, trading cryptocurrencies, mining cryptocurrencies, trading with artificial intelligence (modern).According to this, the illustration should be contemporary both on…

Vector graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 3 proposals
Artist Illustrator to Negate Illustrations in Presentation new
500 UAH

Artist Illustrator to Negate Illustrations in Presentation About 20 pieces. Desirable from the hand Make according to the sample provided

Illustrations and drawings ∙ 34 proposals
You need to add an icon to the pictures. new

You need to find and add an icon and photo to each service. List of services : Original files :

Icons and pixel graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 11 proposals
Drawing a picture in aquarium style new

You need to negate the picture in aquarel style so that it is exactly as on visualization. Format is not important, but I attach the file immediately as NOT should be The picture should be exactly like a file is painted with paint on the wall.

Illustrations and drawings ∙ 14 proposals
Illustrator Vector SVG new
1000 UAH

The TZ: To draw the illustration d, the illustration should be closer to 3D but with 2D so the volume should be. The illustration must be in the vector, the final SVG format for further animation of this illustration. We provide a text on which you need to put a modern concept…

Vector graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 5 proposals
Pencil illustrations for children's bible new

we would like approximately 20 illustrations drawn in clean pencils in the attached style on bible based themes/ stories. we will provide the description for illustrator

Illustrations and drawings ∙ 54 proposals
The car service needs the help of a designer to deny the banners new

You need help in creating banners for advertising on Google. Technical requirements: In reply, please tell us briefly about yourself, your experience and your conditions of cooperation. What experience do you have in making…

BannersIllustrations and drawings ∙ 37 proposals
Designers of the Mathematical Online School of Pythagoras new

A designer is needed to process the sticker for school (sticker for soc. network and telegram. The former designer was a little. Please write from your portfolio!

Illustrations and drawingsSocial media page design ∙ 19 proposals
Illustration/design for calendar new
1700 UAH

Need a designer who can implement a grapich idea into colorful page. I do have detailed idea and handritten sketch of calendar. Need to make it look beautiful and interesting. Also need to create unique paintings (small parts of calendar)

ArtworkIllustrations and drawings ∙ 39 proposals
The Adobe Illustrator new

I am a beginner designer in the niche of creating logos and I have undergone an online course in Illustrator. I need a designer with experience in creating logos with whom we will be able to create logos designs through screen display. Write your prices for an hour of such a…

Illustrations and drawingsLogo design ∙ 8 proposals