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I am looking for a video game provider in Ukraine for my online store new

I am looking for a video game provider in Ukraine for my online store. Who can help please contact the personal messages. I will be grateful.

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Help in promoting video on video resources - experience in advertisements new

Good day Need help - to post videos on video resources You need a person with experience placing on ads. thank you

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Posting messages and advertising in telegram new

You need a service from you to send messages to tg to personal messages 100 to 200 messages per day Or this is a service of such a plan. Write what you did before. thank you

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Contact with foreign jewelry stores new
1000 UAH

You need to collect the database of online/offline jewelry stores USA, UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland at 5000 e-mails, Expected distribution: USA - 2000, other countries by 600. The necessary data: The name by email The phone (if available) The URL The number of…

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Collecting Content in Medicine new

You need to gather in a single Google table content from different medical topics sites. The blood indicators (hemoglobin, glucose, TSH, etc.) and their characteristics (name, synonyms of names, short description, reference values, causes of deviations, indications for delivery,…

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Showing goods cards on new
1000 UAH

Qualitatively and quickly display the cards of the goods on prom.yua, it is desirable who has already worked with the furniture on the medium. You will need to find the appropriate, quality photo/render position, create a description and fill it all correctly. 5 grn/position,…

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[Telegram] Find groups on a specific topic new

You need to find a minimum of 30 groups on the topic - Minecraft and make the list in the Google table The name Co-to subscribers The link Groups to find more than 1k+ subscribers Connect to advertising Examples of pub:

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Find similar posts in facebook groups new

Hi there! Need to find a lot of similar posts in Facebook groups. Real estate niche in the USA. 80 UAH/hour, monobank or secuire deal here.

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List of construction niches (services) in demand new

Collect 30-50 construction niches specifically on services such as "crop of the crop", "stocks replacement", "cover roof", "laminate placement", "cover coat" etc. It is desirable that they are not overwhelming, simpler, as it was actually shown in the example. It is necessary…

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Play an hour a day in the game (any dynamic), stream it into a tictus new

You don’t need to buy anything. You don’t need a webcam, only a game in the picture. We issue a Ticto account with access to streams. Pay 85 grams for each stream. Streams go every day for a week or two. You can stream mobile games or put the phone against the comp and stream…

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Find a website in the RU segment that doesn’t work new
500 UAH

You have to find from dozens of websites in the web archive that no longer work, but have a lot of interesting and unique content. Language of the site - RU

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Improvement of category display new

Required for the online store For certain categories and brands to improve the display and extraction of the necessary data for the website customers You need to: 1) Analysis of the output of such goods from competitors and manufacturers 2)…

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Parking with OLX new

I’m interested in parsing from OLH. What is the cost of one contact? Leave your contacts we will contact you.

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