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Design of mobile appliances new

The task is to create a mobile app design. It has about 30 screens. In the figure I will help to deal with the general map, how they behave with each other. I choose a freelancer by parameters - at least 20 cases per flh and similar projects have been completed. The budget has…

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Web Design for Financial Application new

Hello to you! Our team helps to launch a B2B SaaS financial application. And now we are working on creating a landing to measure interest in the product. We are looking for a Web Designer that can help us: Design 1 page with zero Adaptation to mobile and desktop version From…

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Repair the Open Cart interface to connect the web service to TecDoc new
1000 UAH

1 Order the site’s interface on the OpenCart base to pick up what is marked by the shots to make one language of the site. 2 Connect the provider’s web service to the TecDoc module You can add a few more modules if necessary. 4 We want to find…

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GTA 5 RP Server (RAGE MP) new

Everyone is greeted! We are developing a Ukrainian RP server in GTA 5 (RAGE MP). Whoever wants to help create a project for fate in the project or for money, write. We need specialists: The programming. Knowledge of JS or C# for writing quality mode, HTML, CSS, Typescript.…

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You need a web designer for a browser game! new

Examples will be provided in LS, there are several options, and so an example model! As the designer explained, we need a 3D illustrator.

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Develop UX/UI application interface design (IOS and Android) new
10 000 UAH

Develop UX/UI application interface design (IOS and Android) You need a strong designer with experience and cases in this field to develop the application design. Please attach an assessment of work with an offer.

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Design of the internal website new

Good day ! We are developing a freelance platform for Africa, we need a designer to develop a cabinet design for a resource administrator and manager. TZ is there. Please attach your similar projects.

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UX/UI audit of existing application + further development (A new
3498 UAH

Audit of existing applications (Android and iOS) There are 2 audits (on 52 and 71 pages) from the previous company, and the app is already working. It is necessary to conduct an UX/UI audit of the existing application and audits on the subject of appropriateity and possible…

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Create a mobile application design on the theme of mental health new

Create a mobile application design on the theme of mental health. In a light theme, using no more than 5 colors. By entering the app, the user will be able to listen to audio exercises, fill an emotional diary, track his improvement / deterioration. The audience is…

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Looking for UI / UX - Web Developer with VR Experience new
9999 UAH

Hey There. We are looking for a UI / UX - Web Developer that has experience in VR and integrating "Embedding" VR Work in the site work. Contact me for more details about the project Waiting for your messages

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Development of adaptive design of the resource for the provision of services in the area of the real estate new

It is necessary to develop an adaptive resource design for the provision of services in the real estate sector. The order includes: Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile versions The Library of Assets (Optional) Logo of Resource A short (but not complete) list of pages: Authorization,…

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