Lead generation and sales

I am looking for a target-newist with a theoretical basis + pre-learning from me new
1500 UAH

I need a target assistant. It is possible with minimal experience, but reliable theoretical basis (passed 1-2 courses and set 1-2 rk). In the first month of advertising, 1500 UAH + pre-learning to the normal level, what to do from 10-30 applications per day at the optimal…

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Setting and placing on Amazon new

Configuration of profile on Amazon Displacement of goods Link to the site and catalogue on the shopping site Content Management Settings of advertising

Business consultingLead generation and sales ∙ 2 proposals
Broadcasting of Inst/fb channels new

I welcome. I run a telegram channel on cryptocurrency. I need customers specifically who will buy. I have one source of advertising for my channel. Conversion 1:3-1: 6 I want to add more people from Instagram or Facebook, to check how people will go from such social networks.…

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Increased sales in the online store new

Hello to you. You need a marketer with the skills of working and setting GA, GTM, Pixel, Google Ads, working with social networks and launching e-mail links. (It is possible with the possession of only a few instruments, but a practitioner, not a theoretical) There is an online…

Email marketingLead generation and sales ∙ 8 proposals
Advertising in Google Ads for the Agency (in the US Market) new

We are the Agency for Design and Development of Applications and Websites It’s only Google and the US market. You need a specialist to set up, launch and analyze advertising. Press your portfolio and approximately prices. thank you

Contextual advertisingLead generation and sales ∙ 22 proposals
Promotion to Twitter new

Good day , We are looking for a specialist who can promote our page to Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorldsOfTrains/status/1542770920300871681 We need real subscribers who are interested in the NFT topic. We are focused on the Western English-speaking segment of the audience.…

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Targeted Advertising FB/Instagram: setting and conducting new

About the project: Online training program to launch a commodity business on the international market We work through the webinar gateway, traffic goes to the band with registration on the webinar Targetologist tasks: setting and conducting advertising campaigns, their…

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I am looking for a Targetologist for regular tasks (Only Kiev) new
12 000 UAH

I'm looking for a targeting to set up and conduct Ads on Facebook and Instagram. I am looking for an executive from. In the initial phase, you will<unk> need to be present in the office, to set the processes and understand the characteristics of working with our product.…

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Target leads, niche construction + adjacent niche (optional) new

It requires target leads, construction + adjacent niches (optional). Compulsory experience in this niche with confirmed cases. Conditions of cooperation and links to cases write to the person!Priority - fix for the leader who agrees to the meeting/session...

Contextual advertisingLead generation and sales ∙ 9 proposals
FB/IG Targeting specialist (USA market) new

Hello! I am looking for a marketing specialist especially an expert in FB/IG Targeting. My client is a fitness coach and has his own program of transformation ($50 cost). He has 640K audience in IG and have been doing IG shoutouts so far. At the peak, he has 60-70 signups per…

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Google Ads Advertising new

You need to set the advertising company from scratch for the computer service and repair site, and also evaluate the most profitable payment scheme for the result. Our website is not yet ready, we are waiting for an executive. But I can provide the competitors website…

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Set contextual advertising and Google Merchant on goods for USS new
5000 UAH

We are looking for an executive with great experience to set up a RK for a wholesale company that supplies the most important goods for the USSR, volunteers and charitable organizations. Oriented by: Googles of Merchant Set up the context Set up the retarget - Other offers on…

Contextual advertisingLead generation and sales ∙ 18 proposals
Delivery of Proposals to Upwork new

As part of the testing of several hydrogenation options for the IT agency, we want to try to send 50 quality prophasals to Upwork and evaluate the results. Needed to: Experience in Upwork Good English - Understanding (although basic) in IT (mobile and web development)

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Linkedin Specialist new

You need a Linkedin specialist to attract new customers. What to do: 1) Make a plan of action 2) Helping to make a script of communication with customers (sign to the dialogue) 3) Managing work Write an oriented action plan and the cost of your services.

Lead generation and salesSocial media marketing ∙ 2 proposals
Google Ads and SEO Promotion of the Internet Store new
999 UAH

Google Ads and SEO Promotion of the Internet Store on cms OpenCart 3.0.8. The website is published in the Journal 3. The online store is not large. 14 categories and 70 products. Interested in the price and timetable of advertising and SEO promotion.

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