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Work visa consultation in Poland + pesel new

I want to get advice on work visas and types of employment in Poland, including pesel, etc. And in general discuss a lot of nuances. Form: Payment of the consultation hour. Per<unk> not once.

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Create documents for the site (offers, confidentiality, return, etc.) new

There are two projects: online school (classes in recordings, communication with a teacher) marketplace digital products (ordered, paid, downloaded file) For them you need to create "conditions" (offers), privacy policy, return and delivery, refusal of liability, consent to…

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Legal advice on copyrights new

Welcome to! We need the help of lawyers who are familiar with music. I’ve recorded the song, I want to discuss all the questions, all the submarine stones, all the nuances that will hit me in my creative path. There is also a deal from the distributor that I would like to break…

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