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NextCloud Settings new

Nextcloud is installed on Ubuntu. When installing Ubuntu just chose nextcloud and in the end it wasn’t quite right it got it. Now I need to correctly set it, as there is no possibility to reinstall it (he uploaded a lot of photos there). from problems. No files above 50 MB are…

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I need 1 hour consultation on isp manager 6 and plesk. new
400 UAH

I have a few client sites on vps, there was a question about switching from isp manager 6 to plesk. But the first dating with plesk showed that there is a problem with this. The main questions: 1 . What is better, why? The 2nd The server resources are lost on each side. 3 . My…

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Create Shadowsocks VPN servers for service users. new

Hello. I need to create servers for the VPN service based on Shadowsocks. You also have to use user control - the speed of a particular user drops every 250mbs of traffic used. After the gigabyte of traffic, the speed shall be low-minimum. This limit is dropped every month for…

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