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Design of mobile appliances new

The task is to create a mobile app design. It has about 30 screens. In the figure I will help to deal with the general map, how they behave with each other. I choose a freelancer by parameters - at least 20 cases per flh and similar projects have been completed. The budget has…

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Change the design of the mobile game "SOCIAL CASINO" new
5000 UAH

You need to change the visual style/design of the mobile game from the social casino category.Requirements : Changing the structure of the game screen (changing the location of the graphic elements on the screen) - Create/Select graphic elements for the new game design (buttons,…

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Correction of the mobile application in Figma new

Hello to you! My name is Artem. I will describe the task: There are scratched MVP screens of the mobile application, material in Figma (25 screens) You need to upgrade the CJM, layout the screens by place, work out the logic of the application, remove the unnecessary screens,…

Hybrid mobile appsMobile apps design ∙ 11 proposals
Design for the application. new

You need to make a design for a small application, screen 5-7. It needs to be done quickly for 3-4 days. After the design, you will need to draw a few icons. Examples are seen only in Figma.

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Design Mobile App for Dating new

You need a design mobile app for Dating. A simple add-on is a lot of main pages, such as: 1 . Onboarding (standard basic information including interests, work, etc.) The 2nd Main story - Matching (photo-osona info - like\dislike) 3 . A page of users with mutual like who put like…

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Develop UX/UI application interface design (IOS and Android) new
10 000 UAH

Develop UX/UI application interface design (IOS and Android) You need a strong designer with experience and cases in this field to develop the application design. Please attach an assessment of work with an offer.

Interface designMobile apps design ∙ 39 proposals
UX/UI audit of existing application + further development (A new
3498 UAH

Audit of existing applications (Android and iOS) There are 2 audits (on 52 and 71 pages) from the previous company, and the app is already working. It is necessary to conduct an UX/UI audit of the existing application and audits on the subject of appropriateity and possible…

Interface designMobile apps design ∙ 9 proposals
Design of Lending in Figma new

It is necessary to develop an adaptive landing design for the application. Working in Figma. Branding is not, as a reference you can take the app (input without registration). The main focus is on the mobile version. Content (design, location and the…

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Create a mobile application design on the theme of mental health new

Create a mobile application design on the theme of mental health. In a light theme, using no more than 5 colors. By entering the app, the user will be able to listen to audio exercises, fill an emotional diary, track his improvement / deterioration. The audience is…

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App design needs to be done new

It is necessary to make a design for a mobile application. Application - StepN analogue Wireframe is ready. A total of 20 pages. Big request to indicate time and cost.

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Re-design iOS apps, change the UI in Storyboard. by Figma new

There is a project - re-design app, design in Figma, the task of changing UI elements in Storyboard (screens remain with all elements only changing font, look elements, moving elements, changing colors, replacing images, corner radius and other similar things), the code…

SwiftMobile apps design ∙ 11 proposals
UX/UI design for health app connecting patients with doctors.Designed new
10 000 UAH

We are a start up looking to create a health app which connects patients with doctors based on their needs. We would require ux/ui design for the app along with a dashboard for doctors to accept/decline patients. It would need to be created in figma

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